Cover of the Week 5/12 – Dial H 7 by Brian Bolland

dial-H-007-01Dial H is just a crazy book and it is insanely difficult to understand! I really like the book because the protagonist is a fat average looking guy who has the chance to become a hero using the phone dial pictured above. This cover shows the relatively unattractive side profile of Nelson reaching for the dial which is far above his head. During the current arc he is sharing the dial with another wannabe hero and it is frustrating for him. The detailing in the background is pretty and is almost like an underwater landscape of jellyfish. They are of varying sizes and look quite distinct, fitting with the outrageousness of the book. There is an explanation in the book of this cover but it is more interesting when left unexplained. I like to think every item represents a differing hero that you could be transformed into all channelled through the dial. I love the desperation of Nelson and the beauty of the dial and it is unlike any other cover this week. It is an interesting cover following none of the rules of other comics and greatly benefits from that. It is a book everyone should read at least an issue of!

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