Deadpool #3 – Standing over the grave of another zombie president

Deadpool_3_TheGroup_001Deadpool is an odd kinda guy. He is a heavily scarred, super healing, exceptionally trained, psychopathic assassin. Most of all he is a “merc with a mouth” and for him to be written as that, he needs some funny writers. Step up Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan who have been writing as a pair for many formats. Brian is instantly recognisable as the American comedy actor from shows such as Just Shoot Me and the Sarah Silverman show. They have minimal experience in comic writing but they are very experienced at humour. Tony Moore’s most accomplished work was on Fear agent, the Exterminators and the Walking Dead, he has great detailed comedy/horror style. Deadpool is a character that regularly breaks the fourth wall and talks to us, the reader. He has a great sarcastic sense of humour, and it constantly amazes me that different writers have done such a good job in maintaining consistency with his personality. This current arc revolves around the zombie resurrection of dead US presidents, and Deadpool is enlisted by S.H.I.E.L.D. to stop them. A great character and a great set up for ridiculousness and hilarity.


I found that this issue really came together as a complete work compared to the first two issues. There is great action with a plot progressing narrative and the addition of Dr Strange to the mix. This gives Deadpool another character to bounce his comedic lines off and another element of attack. Deadpool’s dialogue is a consistent semi-automatic gunshots of one liners and gives many laugh out loud moments. The dead presidents are written very well and they bicker and argue, as you would expect them to, especially Gerry Ford who dies accidentally by walking into a propeller! I wish I knew more about American presidential history, as I am sure there are jokes that I am missing. My favourite moment is his fight against Abe Lincoln and he berates him for being assassinated by an actor! There is a large amount of violence in this book, mainly directly at Deadpool and it is draw gruesomely. The fact that he has a healing factor means that you can have him being thrown around and contorted, giving an edge to the violence. Moore does a great job of Deadpool’s expressions, as his mask only really allows the eyes to convey emotion. The colouring by Val Staples is bright and throws the red Deadpool into contrast with the zombie green luminescence of the presidents. It is befitting with the tone of the book.


Deadpool is a character I only recently began to appreciate. His quick quips are genuinely funny and well written, but the self-mocking humour adds subtle empathy to him. It is rare for a character to interact with the reader so much; in fact it is frowned upon greatly. Couple the self-deprecation with the insane amount of violence inflicted towards Deapool and then you have a guy you can feel for. He appeals to us as a well-meaning funny idiot, who is trying his best to perform some good deeds, but is receiving heavy punishment whilst trying to do so. He is a ridiculous character who works brilliantly in this ridiculous environment of fighting dead presidents. It is easy to develop a personal rapport and affinity to a guy who refers to you whilst in pain! This is a great book with witty writers and fantastic accompanying art and writing.

“I can’t wait to pound that dick…Uh” 9.5/10

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