Cover of the Week 9/1 – Mind the Gap 7 (Variant) by Sonia Oback

MTG Variant

It is a general rule of mine not to use variants as my covers of the week, but I had my heart set on this one. I started writing the post before realising this was not the original cover but I kept it here because it was in my comic pull this week. Sonia Oback draws beautiful people. She has done since the X-23 book that I collected, and I have been able to spot her work anywhere. There is a great warmth to her work and she managed to present the kindness of X-23 a couple of years ago. The lush green forest is drawn so soft and beautiful with a background covered in fog. It gives the appearance of a dream like state, where we have a man concentrating on his notebook and a gorgeous woman suspended above him. Despite the eeriness of the ghostly figure on this page, we are not threatened by her as she is holding her subject intimately and in a floating but relaxed posture. The inherent fear disappears and we are left with a character who appears to be helping the central figure, whilst looking at his drawing pad. Her facial details are pretty as we would expect from Oback and her hair looks stunning as it dangles with gravity. It is a very sensual scene and depicts the book’s protagonist carrying out her new found abilities in an original unseen maner. It is an ethereal image that is so soft and wonderful. These abilities of Sonia Oback are rare and highly skilled, and I hope she draws more and more in the future.

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