Cover of the Week 23/1 – Revival 6 by Jenny Frison

R-06-000This cover was previewed prior to the comic’s release and I have had my eye on it since. It is incredibly beautiful and scary at the same time. Firstly the main character looks very attractive as her face is drawn prettily, whilst she sits with her underwear caressing her vivacious figure. If you look closer then it becomes more and more creepy, as her visage is grinning developing into a sneer and her eyes stare with contempt. Then your eyes uncomfortably shift downwards and you can see her heavily scarred body, taking an alluring figure and tainting it with thoughts of injury and death. The colouring is brilliant as she looks unhealthy, and given the title and theme of the book, she has clearly returned from the dead. Her greyness adds to the fear she induces, together with the redness of her undergarments, thread and scissors, which represent terror and blood. Her action is also harrowing as she is holding a needle in the air, which you may easily assume could be used as a weapon, especially with the violent intent of her glance. She is sewing the holes in her hooded top, which I imagine match the scars of her body. The red cotton used to close the wounds do not hide the cuts, but emphasise them amongst a jacket design of bones. The whole scene depicts violence, gore and malicious intent. I love the contrasting emotions this cover expresses and Jenny Frison has really made this book scream from the shelves.

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