The Theatre List 23/1 – Solid books all round

This is the inaugural post for my must pull list of the week! I only review a couple books a week and I always feel I am missing out on highlighting other books that were worth reading. I have stopped using a scoring system because it rarely reflects the book adequately, and certain aspects of the book are worth buying it for alone. Therefore I have created this list to recommend the books I have enjoyed the past week. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to tell me where I have missed out or gone awry!

NG 16

Green Lantern – New Guardians #16

Kyle Rayner learns to master all the colours of the spectrum and has an emotional confrontation with Ganthet. Well written and a natural fruition to the recent story leading into the finale of The Rise of the Third Army.


Green Lantern Corps #16

Simon Baz actually leaps into action and is entered into the Green Lantern universe, by being induced by Guy. Gardner is back at his witty best with an action packed and eventful issue.


 Batwoman #16

Once you lose any pre-formed judgements about how comic books should be presented, then you can truly appreciate this book. The double page spreads are incredible, even though the characters’ thought boxes can be hard to follow.




Wolverine & The X-Men #24

Despite my annoyance at the cheap excitement cover, the story had some subtle character dialogues. Quentin flirting with a young Jeanie was priceless and Bobby and Kitty’s date was hilarious. The change of artist is a shame but Jason Aaron continues with his brilliant script.

Avengers V5 003-Zone-000

Avengers #3

This has been a standout book since the inception of Marvel Now and the arc ends in style. The dialogue is complex but well written and the art is brilliant and more realistic than the average. I take issue with how the plot resolved but still the issue is well constructed.

Deadpool 004-000

Deadpool #4

This book continues to make me laugh out loud with classic quips. I am loving the intricate details to the US presidents features and their backgrounds. I am sure US peeps would understand the subtler presidential jokes.

Young Avengers 001-Zone-000

Young Avengers #1

I have much to say about this book and its been said on my previous posts! Check it out!



Uncanny X-Force 001-000

Uncanny X-Force #1

This book serves as a reasonable continuation to it’s predecessor as we continue the into a new arc with the tough and brood Psylocke. The supporting cast is great, especially with Puck flirting at crotch level and an intriguing twist to the Fantomex triple brain conundrum.

Winter Soldier 014-000

Winter Soldier #14

This book culminates an eight year Winter Soldier storyline and the final pages to the Ed Brubaker creation. A decent final arc to end on with wonderful art in keeping with the original Captain America work.


Bedlam #3

The narrative to this book is incredible, with an intoxicating intelligent protagonist and creepy pencils. The opening scene with Madder Red and the rabbits will disturb you for a long time.


  1. No Justice League or Sword of Sorcery? Both were (and are fantastic) even SoS which was missing it’s main artist was stellar. And the ending of Justice League was near mindblowing. Wonder Woman had a down week, but you can’t expect comics to be stellar week after week.

    1. Hey thanks for the comment so quick! Its a difficult one sometimes as I was unhappy at how many books I had on the list to begin with. SoS I havent picked up so I am unable to comment but JL? Don’t get me wrong I just love the Shazam pages but I have not been taken by Johns writing at all. I liked the first arc but have been uninspired by the second, I think its because I just don’t believe in Aquaman as a big hero. I know, I know that is not a commonly held view but if I could must pull the comic just on Shazam then I would!

      1. Hahaha, while I am still skeptical of the ever growing importance of Aquaman. This issue featured some of the best development by Cyborg and Aquaman we’ve seen since the beginning of the New 52. Plus the surprise ending was both amazing and surprising. How many of those shown on the last page will become full time members? Who is Goldrush? And more importantly, which one will be the traitor? Perhaps I’m just being an obnoxious super fan, but this issue made the DCU much more exciting than it was before this.

      2. I definitely agree with you there, but Marvel have pipped me to the post with their Avengers needing to be bigger theme, and showing lots of other heroes! Cyborg definitely became more interesting and I would adore Shazam to be in the book more! I did love him turning into a kid to avoid Black Adam, the cowardly escape whilst reminding you he was still a young boy. Awesome, still not enough for me!

      3. See and I was very critical of Avengers #3. I thought the pacing was wrong, and it was an unconvincing take on the team. If it was so easy to defeat the villains who beat the original 6, why did they ever decide to operate as 6? They can defeat any threat as a group. There is no reason not to be extended.

      4. Interestingly that was my main criticism. I can see the need for it with the Justice League. The original six were all taken out by intellectual planet changing bad guys, but ultimately the third issue involved finding a teammate more powerful and beat the crap out of them. That did not sit well with me but I do love the art and writing on the whole, it fell apart conceptually.

      5. It just felt a bit off. Half of the people on the team we didn’t really get to see in action either. It just became a big slug fest. And when it’s 20-3, it makes sense they lost. But you’d think characters that were tough enough to demolish the founding members would last longer than an issue against the expanded line up. But maybe I’m stuck in my Justice League shell. When an expanded line up means things are so bad you need second string characters, because all the first string lost.

      6. I agree, surprising too given the concept of 2nd string team members saving the day is as age old as comics themselves!!!! Lets see how Geoff Johns handles it!

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