Cover of the Week 20/3 – Comeback 5 by Michael Walsh

Comeback-005-(2013)-(Digital)-(Fawkes-Empire)-01The colours red and black are often used to represent blood, love, lust, death, depravity and are often used together. Here they are used to great affect to represent death and violence. The conveyor belt effect of the diagonal rectangles with skeletons inside is quite poignant. These clearly signify death and look like coffins, which is why the figure placed in one of them, looks all the more creepy. The grey shading offsets the black and red colouring, as he is hidden in the shadows. The skeletons around him and the potential coffins are genuinely scary facets to the cover, and the character hiding amongst them looks all the more out of place. The fact he carries a gun and looks so aggressive shows he is comfortable here, and is about to do something potentially evil. The composition to this cover is outstanding compared to the average cover especially the way the title slopes. It is a very stylish cover to yet another decent Image arc.

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