Cover of the Week 27/3 – Morning Glories 25 by Rodin Esquejo

Morning Glories 25Rodin Esquejo is no stranger to the cover of the week on this blog. His comic covers have always made it stand out from the comic shelves. The beautiful facial features and angst ridden teenage glances are very representative of the attitudes in the book. The school children all have underlying issues intertwined around the conspiracy theories of the Morning Glories upper echelons. This issue marks the end of the first season, and it has been one crazy ride. The second half of the book has taken place outside of a school environment and more in the dark of forest night. This cover is sinister. The purple haze of moonlight and the multiple figures standing looking at you from the darkness, conjure feelings of uneasiness. They are relatively muted in expressions but there are hints of anxiety, anger and aggression. The most beautiful part of the cover is the shading from the solitary torchlight. Casey, the central female character, has an exquisitely coloured face with an incredible balance of lighting and natural skin colour. As you would expect the characters further back are darker, which adds to the mystique. I noticed that this book had alternate covers, and the remaining characters are on the other book. The two comics link up and give one large cast shot, which is shown below. The whole picture is quite stunning and Rodin is not only an incredibly talented penciller but the colouring really make the cover come to life. A wonderful touch is that the central character, Hunter, is lit from the same torchlight on the other cover! A brilliant set of front pages and are quite easily the covers of the week.


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