The Theatre List 27/3 – Methinks I’m becoming a bit harsh

Last week seemed to have a large amount of comic output, but I haven’t picked many books for my Theatre list. I stand by my choices as the books I choose, I genuinely feel should be read by all! Not every book will be to everyone’s tastes but there is generally something for most palates. The Marvel teams books remain strong with a great start to Guardians but also Legacy continues it unique journey out of Legion’s pysche. The lack of DC books highlight my disappointment in their second year of new 52 production. I cannot emphasise enough the love I have for Morning Glories because it is the “Lost” of comics, but I know all the questions will be answered!


2013-03-27 07-46-11 - Batman Inc 09-000

Batman Incorporated #9

A fitting issue in mourning of Damien’s death. Well written and iconically drawn as always. I remain deeply saddened.





X-Men Legacy 008-000

X-Men Legacy #8

Some people find this book a little incoherent. The story is complex and the art is an acquired taste as it difficult to follow at times. If you put the effort in then the rewards are plentiful.




Young Avengers v2 003-000

Young Avengers #3

The ability of Jamie McKelvie to express resentment in his characters towards Kid Loki, is reason enough to buy this book. Another great issue will a nicely progressing plot




Guardians of the Galaxy v3 001-000

Guardians of the Galaxy #1

Peep my review at Comic for Heroes!




Uncanny Avengers 005-000

Uncanny Avengers #5

I’d like to say peep my review but it’s not posted yet, so bear with me!






Morning Glories 025 (2013) (Digital HD) (Darkness-Empire) 01

Morning Glories #25

It is the end of Season One! It ties up some issues, leaves others outstanding, and hints and new stories. Seriously it is like a television show, but an incredibly awesome one.




Fatale 013-000

Fatale #13

If you have yet to pick up a book by Brubaker and Philips then you are missing out on an exceptionally well put together book. The whole horror sleuth genre may not appeal to everyone, especially as we are coming across one shots that do not necessarily tie in to previous stories. However they are still fantastic books.



Layout 1

Green Hornet #1

A great introduction to a revised classic hero. Its a dialogue heavy background issue with lovely art. The story is a decent read and there are subtle highlights to the previous stories.




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