Cover of the Week 10/4 – Batman Li’l Gotham 1 by Dustin Nguyen

LILBM_Cv1_dsI appreciate this series has been selling digitally over the various holiday periods since last year, but I was incredibly excited to finally see it in print form. The comic sub genre for children is somewhat under appreciated, especially from an artistic perspective. Though I cannot recount how many people are in adoration of Skottie Young’s variant Marvel Now covers. Dustin and Derek decided to take Batman out of the dark and depressing era in which he lives, and add some fun to the characters and city. The watercolours are soft and appealing to the eye, with lovely bright colouring, certainly a happier Gotham. All the people featured on this page are drawn with their characteristic features, and are involved in subtle interactions with each other. This cover is so fantastic because you are able to spend a long time just staring at it. There are so many characters and details with moments of hilarity. I would be impressed if one person could name everyone there, I am stuck on a couple but I was really pleased to see Zatanna and the Ventriloquist. I am also surprised that Two-face is so hidden given his notoriety. It is refreshing to see such serious personas relaxed and drawn as such, especially seeing a Batman is always so serious. There is only so much doom and gloom that Batman can take, and this adds much needed comic light to the dark streets of Gotham. As comic fans I think we all appreciate the attention to detail and sentiment, and together with the beauty of this cover, it satisfies in oh so many ways.


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  1. Love it! Though I failed in naming everyone of them (missed 2). I had to cheat on the red head wearing the black hat (Colin Wilkes from Streets of Gotham) and I’m at a loss on who the guy was playing the guitar.

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