Indy Comic Preview – Saint Chaos by Noah Dorsey & Zsombor Huszka

I was pleasantly surprised to see Noah Dorsey credited as the co-creator of Non-Humans. Not because I follow him on Twitter, but the concept is refreshing and very well expressed. It is not a completely original idea but the development of the premise to a coherent and real world allegory was superbly executed. When Noah gave me the opportunity to preview his upcoming comic, I jumped at the chance and I was not left hanging in disappointment.


Simon Monroe watches as his cat walks towards the open window, one glance over her shoulder and then she jumps to her death. She has more courage and conviction than Simon does, because she committed herself to the act of suicide. As you can tell from the very first page, this is not a book for the faint of heart. The mere idea of a cat committing suicide is so unfathomable that is becomes engrossing. What is so wrong with Simon’s life that his pet decides she has had enough of it. There are certainly a number of unfortunate circumstances, but his journey to the grave is far from simple, as he will not be allowed the comfort of a quick resolution to his life. That is because he runs into a psychopathic killer called Honeycomb who has signed his death warrant, four days from now. Monroe has a few days to live and this is a story of how he spends his remaining time. He is free from his shackles and there is nothing to lose, because in four days everything is finally going to end. When a man cares not for his life and is guaranteed freedom from purgatory, all bets are off. He takes this chance to be someone he never had the bravery to become. Simon becomes Saint Chaos: a vigilante with a city of crime to chaotically resolve.


As incredible a foundation to a book as that this is, the artwork of the preview pages is stunningly gorgeous and creepy, simultaneously. Zsombor Huszka paints a beautiful black and white picture, with the subtle colouring required to transform it into a horror motif. The imagery is as disturbing as the thoughts conjured from reading the creative and compelling narrative. Dorsey and Huszka have delicately crafted together the themes of Gothicism and Film Noir, a book rarely seen in the comic world.


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