The Theatre List 10/4 – The stalwarts stand true

I found last week a really interesting week because my stalwart favourite comics were all released. Batman, Batman and Robin, Hawkeye, Thor and Saga are essentially the top of many a list. What was more intriguing were the other books that did not make the list; Green Lantern Corps (the return of Mogo was not enough to make up for the weak Wrath storyline), Uncanny Avengers (a unoriginal concept reasonably told but no more than a power struggle), Avengers Arena (normally I like but I am thoroughly uninterested in Arcade as a villain), Wolverine (another average Wolverine book with old school art standing the test of time, and Constantine (a uninspired second issue). I think I have become more unforgiving since I started blogging, which may or may not be a bad thing, but at least I still have my Chew trade to get through.


2013-04-10 07-41-46 - Batman 19-001

Batman #19

A lovely book with a change in colour palette and back to a more regular good guy, bad guy story. Still an excellently written and drawn book.



2013-04-10 07-46-23 - Batman and Robin 19-000

Batman & Red Robin #19

Just an incredible way to introduce a character from a classical book set far in the future. The nostalgic in me became giddy with glee and once again phenomenal work from the creative team.





Batman Li’l Gotham #1

I never even knew this only came out digitally around the major holidays, when I asked at my LCS for it months ago. Breathtaking watercolours and lovely stories. It sheds a wondrous light on the darkness around Gotham and the Bat.





Thor - God of Thunder 007-000

Thor #7

Gorr has shown himself to be a great new bad guy in the Thor universe. He is genuinely tough with an original hatred of Gods and with his new invention, the godbomb, the Thors of past, present and future are in trouble. Ribic’s art is so epic and apt for this book



Uncanny X-Men v3 004-000

Uncanny X-Men #4

Another character driven book where a great deal of it focuses on the rapport between Emma and the Stepford cuckoos. Its wonderfully written as, essentially her children, confront the White queen on her abandonment.




Hawkeye 009-000


Hawkeye #9

I really wish I could praise this book each and every day. I will re-iterate that David Aja is telling this story in the most incredible and original way. Just wonderful.





Avengers #9 

Hickman can really develop a premise and antagonist into the most powerful enemy ever, making you honestly believe that the Avengers cannot win. That is the trick with every good story, but I worry that the final battle will be just that, a big fist fight. The plot development is so fantastic that it cannot just end with physicality.




Saga 012-000

Saga #12

Now I had no major problems with the first few panels of this book, as long as there is a warning for people who dont wish to see oral sex and bukkake represented. The book is solid but features a character I do not have an affinity for and one I have yet to understand. It still had great artwork and true dialogue, as expected.



Sledgehammer 44 002-001

Sledgehammer 44 #2

For a great summary of the premise of this book, check thepuremood’s comment on A great sci-fi tale set in World War II, with an emotional twist involving a sentient robot and a humble soldier.




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  1. Agree with everything here. I am holding out hope on Constantine though. Jeff Lemire is on a roll at the moment and I am loving all of his other books. I think he will find his feet with this title and I think the soul damning cost of magic is something interesting that could develop into some good stories down the line.

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