The Theatre List 24/4 – Blessed for we are truly spoilt

This past week has been an incredible few days for comics. So many good books were out and it makes me wonder what else could beat these titles in the following weeks. The independent work has been by far the best of the bunch, especially with Jupiter’s Legacy and East of West. Another weak turnout from DC, but this has become the norm for me personally. I have omitted three books from the list which may surprise. Uncanny X-Men was a solid book but I have little affection for Magik and the land of Limbo, and I don’t think it adds to the story of Scott developing an alternate school. Guardians of the Galaxy was a fun action packed adventure, with decent art but the underlying plot exposition bored me to tears, with no obvious conclusion. Finally New Avengers was similar, and though I like Bendis’ writing, when most of the book is dialogue with little interesting plot progression, I find it dull.


2013-04-24 07-22-22 - Batman Inc 10-000

Batman Incorporated #10

This book took an interesting turn and Bruce took a gamble I have seen very rarely. The book presents itself as the final demise of Gotham, and it does it tremendously and I am in wonder how Batman can pull the situation back.





The Flash #19

Marcio Takara is doing a great job as artist for this book and his whispy style suits the speedster. I adore how the subtle Dial H crossover was handled and the re-introduction of an established heel was excellent.





Young Avengers v2 004-000

Young Avengers #4

With the team finally coming together we are presented with moments of action and hilarity. McKelvie produces a splash page worthy of the Asgardian Gods and Gillen is finding the signature subtle character flaw that adds a little more depth to the relationships.



Uncanny Avengers 007-000

Uncanny Avengers #7

Remender is producing an excellent plotline involving the children of Apocalypse. My investment with this lies in the foundation of Uncanny X-Force and the story is compelling. With Acuna’s phenomenal art the book is certainly being moved into Remender’s characteristic fantasy world. It is far from a regular Avengers book, in writing and in art, and I credit Marvel for allowing this left turn.




FF #6

I believe this is the very first appearance of this book in the Theatre list. Alldred and Fraction are producing an enjoyable fun book, but this was the first issue where the art and plot took a leap forward in quality storytelling.




Deadpool 008-000

Deadpool #8

I never imagined that this book would progress so well past the dead presidents storyline. With the developments of Agent Preston’s character and the new plotline together with the amusing dialogue, we are treated to a continuingly excellent book.




Avengers Arena 008-000

Avenger’s Arena #8

Finally this book hits the perfect balance between character exposition and violence. Things are moving along and the backgrounds of the characters are coming into play aptly.




Avengers v5 010-000

Avengers #10

Hickman delivers a sub plot relating to the epic universe altering storyline, which is both intriguing and refreshing. It’s good to move to a story about less powered people and the suspense and mystery around these smaller relationships are compelling. An excellent issue.




The Manhattan Projects 011-000

Manhattan Projects #11

I just don’t know how Hickman can bring out four books in one week of such high quality. This is an issue purely about the background of Harry Daghlian, which is incredibly similar to the real life scientist who accidentally irradiated himself. A sad and tragic tale wonderfully drawn by Pitarra as always.



Morning Glories 026 (2013) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 01

Morning Glories #26

It is the beginning of Season 2 and we have some mystery solved and the development of multiple other plot threads. Casey’s story takes on new directions you would have never predicted. I will be posting my review of this on Comics for Heroes later this week.



Five Weapons 003-000

Five Weapons #3

On initial inspection, you may think this is a fun book about schoolkids and weapons. Well it is……but the story has its roots in society class system and pacifism. It’s incredibly well drawn and the action sequences flow wonderfully.





Jupiter’s Legacy #1

See my review from last week!





East of West 002-000

East of West #2

This books delivers the keynote address of a comic conspiracy construction conference. Phenomenal storytelling and I will be posting my review of it this week.






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  1. Some great choices for this week. There are so many awesome comics now we are almost spoiled for choice. I agree with you on Uncanny X-Men, not been that fond of the Magik and the land of limbo. Really been enjoying The Flash as well, and I love the art by Marcio Takara, its one of my favourite DC comics. Here’s to another great week of comic books :O)

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