Cover of the Week 22/5 – Daredevil 26 by Chris Samnee

Daredevil 026-000Daredevil has received immense accolades over the past couple years and this cover highlights the skills of Samnee and Rodriguez. It is classic Daredevil imagery of the man running the washing line, demonstrating the heightening of his remaining senses. It is a lovely shot and the surroundings bring a gorgeous backdrop and detailed foreground. Matt’s pose is dynamic and gives the sense of speed, with his staff readied for action by his side. Daredevil is central but he is not necessarily the focus, as there is precision in the washing line and building around him. (The precision is exceptional as it has been recently been made aware to me by @petebuser that the clothes on the line spell Daredevil!) We are asked to see his movement but also to appreciate the surroundings in which he moves. The twilight hours provide a wonderfully colourful palette and Javier Rodrigues takes full advantage. The whole scene is darkening and the individual colours shine in minimal light, with Daredevil expressing little colour. The cityscape is a silhouette with lighted windows and adds to the dusk feel to the picture. The slivers of purple light shimmer wonderfully across the lower sky and form the title of the book. Samnee has a very interesting technique of accentuating the environment and showing you the page as a whole, as opposed to a central significant figure. Its interesting and unique and this page is a great example, but it really excels from a colouring point of view. We genuinely believe nightime is falling and the devil is running after the sunset.

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  1. What a great choice for the cover of the week. I love how the city is in shadow as Daredevil runs across the washing line. Its such a simple cover yet so effective in capturing the mood of the character and the city he lives in. Daredevil is one of my favourite characters and I really enjoy this series.

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