The Theatre List 22/5 – Greatness in a week without Justice League or Avengers

This week saw a huge number of big titles on the shelves. We had Justice League, which was better than normal but not good enough, Batman Incorporated where a girl was mocked by saying her vagina was like a tardis, Avengers which was more epic genesis babble, and Uncanny X-Men that focused on the dull world of Limbo, failing to make the list. So what exactly is on it? Well above all else we saw the end of Green Lantern and what a fitting end it was. Geoff Johns, we shall miss you and thank you for the incredible tales over the years. There were a number of other books too:


2013-05-22 07-46-27 - Green Lantern (2011-) 020-000

Green Lantern #20

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Johns leaves with a fitting end to all the cast and crew. No one is left out and Sinestro is credited with the prestige he deserves. An enjoyable and emotional end.




The Flash (2011-) 020-000

The Flash #20

Another great work of art with the development of a new arc and re-imagining of the Reverse Flash! The action sequences on the subway are just sublime.





Young Avengers v2 005-000

Young  Avengers #5

A brilliant end to the first arc. Loki is awesome once again and makes great Hamlet jokes! There is a phenomenal double page splash which is innovative and original.




X-Men - Legacy v2 011-000

X-Men Legacy #11

As regular readers may know, I love Simon Spurrier and I find the idea of Legion very impressive. In order to prevent is future evil acts, he must be rid of his powers. Help is always at hand from a deceptive source?




Daredevil 026-000

Daredevil #26

This book was a classic superhero super sleuth tale. Daredevil is back in the game and needs to hunt down his assailant, and you will never believe who it is!





Deadpool #10

For the first time a less popular comic uses an A list superhero as a special guest, but does it very well. Doc Ock bickering with Deadpool is completely natural and believable, and their tag team is enjoyable to read.





The Bounce 001 (2013) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001

The Bounce #1

For a first issue, this has everything but also manages to intrigue and make us invest time in this book. It is a great tale of heroes, villains, corruption and an otherworld. Well written and drawn.




Revival 010 (2013) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001

Revival #10

I feel that in this we have finally made progress in the zombie plot and moved forward, with anticipation. The book is always solidly written and well drawn and I want to see it end an arc.





Nowhere Men #5

Continuing the themes of power and conspiracy we are treated to certain characters background and motivations. These tie in with developments in previous issues and allow us to really see what lies in front of us. Very well developed plot with fantastic colouring by Jordie Bellaire!





Half past Danger #1

Another fantastic first issue, great art and a lot of fun await the reader. The concept of a band of heroes in a world war is far from original, but this covers their formation with great action sequences and an alluring female protagonist.





Dia De Los Meurtos #3

The third part of this mini series is artistically impressive as Rossmo really takes his disturbing imagery to the silent world. It is immensely successful in the development and fear and anticipation which if befitting of the aim of this book.



















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