The Theatre List 29/5 – The ladies of X run riot

There didn’t appear to be many comics out last week, which may explain why this is my smallest pull list since this post began. Captain America has a well progressing plot but I really didn’t believe in the main character turn this week. Couple that with the mediocre artwork then it will remain off this list. Both Indestructible Hulk and JLA had average stories and the resolution to the first Savage Wolverine arc was woeful. Having said that the books that made this list were phenomenally good including Earth 2, The Wake, Morning Glories but especially X-Men. P.S. I only collected 2 DC books this week.



Earth 2 Annual #1

Take a look at my review and ignore the cover!







X-Men #1

Finally the long awaited Brian Wood book has arrived. The anticipation was huge and it did not disappoint. The story was original and interesting and the cast all played their roles well, and even though it is a predominately female cast, it felt as much an X-Men book as any other out there.



Wolverine and the X-Men 030-000

Wolverine & the X-Men #30

The story finally makes way into the oncoming crossover: The Hellfire Saga. The previous plotlines are beginning to come to a head and at its height is Quentin Quire. The cool well shaded artwork makes the book shine and I am looking forward to the oncoming story arc.



New Avengers v3 006-000

New Avengers #6

There is a fair amount about this book I like, but if you were to read this in trade format, I worry it will be a long apocalyptic narrative between Reed and the mysterious Black swan. They changed the depth of the sacrifice at the end of this book and made the decision to destroy a world a lot easier to swallow. Still a solid arc.




The Wake 001-000

The Wake #1

With Snyder, Murphy and Hollingsworth on a single creator owned book, there is reason to be excited. It does not disappoint as the sinister underwater adversary is cleverly written and eerily drawn. I will post a review of this on the Comic for Heroes website.



Morning Glories 027 (2013) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001

Morning Glories #27

Another phenomenal issue from Spencer and Eisma with a few more answers and a lot more questions. The character development is great, even though it scatters through different times. Once again the artwork is quirky but beautiful.




Five Weapons 004-000

Five Weapons #4

The letterbox panels really work well with the art here, and our protagonist continues his voyage of discovery as he takes on all the weapon clubs. In this one he cleverly defeats the Archery club and challenges the gun club and all without weapons too! This book is fun and wonderfully written.


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