The Theatre List 5/6 – Its been an emotional week

Coming from the minimal amount of books from the previous week, there were a great many this time around giving a larger pull list. There were some astounding books including East of West, Daredevil, Thanos rising and a sad end to Winter Soldier. I was disappointed with Avengers as once again, the weeks of posturing led to a physical confrontation, and the obvious realisation that  children are the future. Green Lantern was very average and the less said about Age of Ultron the better. The smaller indy books such as Blackacre, Black Bat, Mister X were good but not amazing. Lets see what made the list.



Earth 2 #13

This book excelled this week with a brilliant balance of Captain Steel’s origin and plot development. The team is nowhere near forming but the players are all taking their positions and the book remains compelling.





Dial H #13

This was such a beautiful book. The delicate relationship between Open Window Man as an imaginary friend to a Bruce Wayne as a child, was stunningly played out. This book has expanded it’s cast and is keeping it fresh.





Thanos Rising 003-000

Thanos Rising #3

This book finally excelled with a lovelorn Thanos impregnates many a species, but he remains unrequited. When he finally visits his teenage love, she utters words of disgust as described in Aaron Meyers Best of the Week post –



Avengers Arena 010-000

Avengers Arena #10

Oh wow, this book stepped into another gear as a death has finally occurred. The build over the weeks has succeeded in making it an emotional one and a tragic final page.




All-New X-Men 012-000

All New X-Men #12

So bring in another set of heroes to talk to the X-kids and bring up all sorts of crazy conversations. The residing page is of Havok hugging his older brother as a child; a beautiful scene.However an overriding story is still hiding.





Winter Soldier #19

The last page almost brought a tear to my eye. This is the end of the book and the end of the all the love between Bucky and Natasha. It marks the finale to Brubaker’s Cap and Bucky Legacy, we salute you.




Superior Spider-Man 011-000

Superior Spider-Man #11

This remains a solid book with an interesting Ock Spidey gathering revenge on his old foes. The aims of Ock to become superior to Peter remain at the forefront of this book and I give Slott great credit to staying true to his character. Though I am not familiar with the history the Spider Slayer & Ock rivalry is quite apt.



Daredevil - End of Days 008-000

Daredevil: End of Days #8

The mapone arc has come to an end and though, it may be a small anti-climax, it is still a great story and a decent book about Daredevil’s legacy. The art will always be good as the Daredevil alumni is so impressive.






East of West #3

Just incredible. The story progresses with pace and the plot is unfurling and at it’s core, a love story. The art is brilliant and the emotions ring through the page. This is my favourite book of the week and it is a must read for all.





Ten Grand #2

I initially found this book a little cliche and I am not a fan of Ben Templesmith’s artwork. However this issue is better because the plot if developing into a refined tale of JMS own imagination and I look forward to its progression.

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