Cover of the Week 5/6 – Fearless Defenders 5 by Mark Brooks

Fearless Defenders 005-000Mark Brooks is no stranger to the cover of the week, and here he is again because of his inspiring ingenuity. It is not often you find covers that have not been repeated or aren’t homages to previous titles. This is a dedication to something else altogether, the traditional beat’em up computer game. It looks fantastic because it is simply the combination of the character select screen and the introduction to the fight. Shulkie and Valkyrie are grandstanding to intimidate each other and are ready to strike. The weapon pose is fearful enough, but against a roaring Hulk, may ignite doubt in any hero. They look incredibly impressive in full regalia and aggression. The word “FIGHT” is drawn as it would to in many a game, but is wholly reminiscent of the Street fighter series. The backdrop is beautiful and is a combination of classic facades and I adore how they are fighting on a decked platform. The character grid is shaped as you may expect, with great symmetry to the point where the Marvel Now sign is divided above each grid end. What makes it all the more exceptional are the actual characters on the cover are in the book, and they are involved in the action. The final detailing feature is the use of the 1P and 2P acronyms for player numbers, which are highlighting the characters in the fight. The cover stands out because, not only because of the fighting imagery, but the immensely well drawn female aggressors and the balanced fighter grid and the title above. Mark Brooks’ attention to detail is what makes this my cover of the week, and I fear it may do for months to come.

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