The Theatre List 12/6 – Hunting down the protagonist

I have loved this weeks essential comics. With the independent scene bringing out great works from Hickman, Francavilla and Joe Hill. DC has the one unflappable representative and Marvel bringing out some surprises. Superman Unchained was spectacularly unspectacular and the red eye obsession may have actually been inspired by the Man of Steel movie! All of our books have a central theme, the main character suffering a kind of assault. Whether it is Deadpool beaten while he chases a cheerleader, Thor as he takes on the Godbutcher, the female lead suffering mental torture in Thumbprint or Harry Daghlain being destroyed in space in Manhattan Projects. There are some amazing books this week:


2013-06-12 07-27-14 - Batman (2011-) 021-000

Batman #21

Zero year has begun and it has begun well. The change of colourist (Fco Plascencia) completely changes the tone of the book into one more of brightness and hope. The Red Hood gang is an intriguing set of hoods and the origin retelling is actually quite compelling with Capullo on point with the pencilling.




Uncanny X-Force v2 006-000

Uncanny X-Force #6

This is the final issue of the arc and it finally developed some interest. There were some great lines delivered in the introspective sheep scenes between Psyclocke and Wolverine. The final page gives insight into Psyclocke’s character and the decisions she makes and brings cold accepting truth to the book.



Deadpool v4 011-000

Deadpool #11

I would pick this up purely because Tradd Moore has created the cover. The laughs do not stop with this book as Deadpool is always being physically interrupted while trying to shop an evil cheerleader. Well drawn, decent actions, lovely cover.




Wolverine and the X-Men 031-000

Wolverine and the x-Men #31

The Hellfire saga begins and it brings with it the frivolity and joviality the opening issue, of the book, did. It is so very well done and the lessons in being evil are just hilarious. Great underlying theme with the incredibly well developed Quentin Quire.




Thor - God of Thunder 009-000

Thor #9

As we near the end of the Godbomb arc, Jason Aaron brings with it the grandeur and enormity of a story about the Gods, and a twist that threatens the whole Marvel Universe. God like storytelling with Godlike artwork.





The Manhattan Projects 012-000

Manhattan Projects #12

With the brilliance of Nick Pitarra’ quirky and comedic super scientist pencilling, Bellaire’s extraordinary moody colour palettes and Hickman’s perfectly crafted conspiracy plots, you cannot be let down by this book.





Half Past Danger #2

I have remained impressed by this title as it still has a fresh take on the jungle explorer/World War angle, but with dinosaurs! The main character is actually moving into a role of his own and the art is wonderfully drawn and coloured.





The Black Beetle #4

As the first incarnation of the book ends, we have a wonderfully expressed big detective reveal. It ties the issues together and leaves you satisfied. The wonderful style of Francavilla cannot be understated.





Thumbprint #1

Joe Hill’s novella has been adapted to a comic form and with it, has brought the nausea and uncomfortableness of Middle Eastern detainee torture. I have never seen such serious issues conveyed so well, showing how well the graphic art format can portray emotion and fear.



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