Cover of the Week 19/6 – Indestructible Hulk 9 by Paolo Rivera

Indestructible Hulk 009-000

Special appearances from other heroes are not always done well, and I have little idea as to how much they actually increase sales. Daredevil is not the most popular hero to target for a sales boost but Waid is writing him especially well. This is why Matt in Indestructible Hulk seems to be a genuine attempt at a decent story arc. Either way this has led to a brilliant cover, which is full of symbolism and reflects plot developments. Hulk is placed centrally on the page and is clearly frustrated and angry; this may be a very obvious statement. He is grimacing as he holds up some heavy metalwork that belongs to S.H.E.I.L.D. It actually appears as if he is struggling to keep the object above his head and it’s a clear reference to the fact that Bruce is working for that organisation, within their control. It may be analogous to Bruce feeling the pressure of being under them. The actual comic plot focuses upon Daredevil being Hulk’s representative and aiding him in his decision making. The angel and devil motif is a quirky and cute idea as Murdock is holding his staff and DD is carrying a pitchfork. They have symmetrical poses and their leading legs drop down the Hulk’s shoulders.  The figures on the shoulders do not quite fit the good versus bad elements of the Hulk. Though Murdock’s hero persona looks like the devil, he is rarely on the side of evil. Besides when Bruce has lost control, it is difficult for him to hear any calming whispers in his ear, but it is a lovely idea nonetheless. The colouring also places emphasis on the rage and violence of the Hulk. His natural green colour is contrasted with the red rage it often brings. It is a very symbolic cover and a welcoming joint Waid heroes’ adventure.

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