The Theatre List 26/6 – Did every comic ever come out this week?

I must start by saying that this week was ridiculous for the sheer amount of work out there. It may be a personal failing, but i find the time I have to devote myself to comics rapidly shrinks, and attention to each book reduces when there are that many. I have been very strict with my pull list, as I want to make sure the best and most interesting work is highlighted. Of all the X-books released only Uncanny is mentioned because it showed plot progression and character developments. Its counterparts floundered whether it be from posturing and a plot rehash (All New), an average transition of the arc (Wolverine & X-Men), just a weird menage a trois (Uncanny X-Force) or no personal depth to its characters (X-Men). My biggest irritation this week was Jae Lee on Batman Superman, which had a stunning visual opener and middle, but all of a sudden a change of artist for the last few pages. That is not a discredit to Ben Oliver, as his work is good, but the tone and speed of the book dramatically altered for me. This concerns me for future issues. There were other decent book out there that did not make the cut including; Young Avengers, Flash, Avengers Arena, Deadpool and I did not get a chance to read Jupiter’s Legacy. There is still a wholesome amount of books to get through, so let us move on.


Justice League (2011-) 021-000

Justice League #21

I rejoiced when I found out that this issue was dedicated to the Shazam story and not the dull JL permanence. Gary Frank has been doing a wonderful job of drawing the emotional turmoil of the youngsters, and Geoff Johns has told a great family orientated story. Fantastic




Uncanny X-Men v3 007-000

Uncanny X-Men #7

This was a great issue because not only did it resolve Magik’s tribulations, but in doing so, developed the story of the new mutant schoolchildren. It was in danger of distracting the main plot theme in favour of Magik, but brings it back towards the end. Good work



Secret Avengers v2 005-000

Secret Avengers #5

People may be surprised to see this on the list, but you will not be surprised of my love for Nick Spencer. The tone of this book is completely correct for an espionage Avengers book. Great character interaction and a brilliant twist at the end.




Nova v5 005-000

Nova #5

There is one thing this book does well: you really believe the main character is a child with incredible power. His immaturity and innocence pervade through this book, whether he is fighting, arguing or making friends with the Watcher. I like how McGuiness draws a young looking protagonist and befits the tone of the book.



Hawkeye 011-000

Hawkeye #11

Check my review this week for this masterpiece.





FF v2 008-000

FF #8

This book rapidly moved from a funny and quirky book about a school and to a serious world threat, in what seems like an issue. That is not to say it is a bad thing as I welcome the introduction of Doom and the doubting of Medusa. This is turning into quite the surprise darling of Marvel Now. Plus the cover is incredible.



Daredevil v3 027-000

Daredevil #27

This is a reasonable resolution to the latest arc and I liked how Matt foiled his nemesis’ plans at every final corner. Its well written and drawn as always but I feel the his archenemy’s return was too fleeting a glance.





The Wake 002-000

The Wake #2

This book has that underwater eerie feel to it and the plot development is moving well. We are treated to some character insights and genuine clues as to the nature of the beast. Murphy’s art is sublime as always.




Morning Glories 028 (2013) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001

Morning Glories #28

Each mini review I give is almost always the same! Great artwork and cover with some excellent character development, with some small revelations leading to many more questions. But I am happy with it as it keeps me intrigued and glued to the pages.




Lazarus 001-000

Lazarus #1

This is an very intriguing book of a world dominated by families with money. It is an interesting apolitical concept and I an intrigued to see whether to what degree the book is nature vs nurture vs nature again.





Private Eye #3

A wonderful book with Martin on point with the action sequences. I shall be reviewing this book very soon!


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