Cover of the Week 3/7 – Earth 2 #14 by Juan Doe

Earth-2-014-(2013)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-01Juan Doe has an impressive portfolio and is a specialist in the poster board style cover. Earth 2 is losing its author and things are coming to a head and as the cover suggests, this means war. This front page displays a great montage of the leading heroes of the book but it does not conform to the regular team photo rules. The cover is stylised as a cheaply printed underground rebellion pamphlet. The background is a prison wall with barb wire protection with classic high walls. Our protagonists are etched onto the giant barriers in characteristic posturing fashion with colouring only over their recognisable icons. These being the green lantern on Alan’s chest, the yellow lighting symbol of Jay and the shiny gold helmet of Dr. Fate. Across the base of the page is the ominous prediction of war and is written as if a blur of a windswept Flash running across the montage. The whole picture works in bringing us the threatening themes of rebellion and insurgence but also promising a ray of hope in the form of our champions of the innocent. The future is here, the future is now and the supers will save us.

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  1. Great choice of cover for the week! Earth 2 is one of my favourite series and I really liked the cover of issue #14 as well. I like how this image depicts Dr Fate, Green Lantern, and the Flash as the heroes of this world as it faces war with Steppenwolf. A brilliant cover!

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