The Theatre List 3/7 – DC rules a pretty weak roost

It has not been a great week, but after the ridiculous of last week it was always going to be tough. There were not many “big” books out, and Avengers, Green Lantern and Swamp Thing were all just okay. There was a flurry of average new number one issues including Satellite Sam (awesome style over weak substance), Dexter (a mixture of non compatible themes from the television show), Catalyst Comix (interesting take but needs to find its feet), Deadpool Kills Deadpool (fun but that’s about it), Absolution Rubicon (completely at a loss), and Sheltered (an interesting concept but no background setup at all). I was bitterly disappointed at the finale of Polarity and also with Blackacre and Ten Grand. I know it sounds all negative but there was some good out there!



Batman Incorporated #12

I genuinely feel haunted by the ghost of Damien. Ironically or aptly this is exactly how Bruce feels as he persistently hunts down Leviathan. The vengeance is unlikely to absolve Bruce and in that fact, I think I will continue to feel like this, way beyond the finale of this book. This is testament to the brilliance of Burnham and Morrison.




Dial H #14

Mieville is really rocking this book into a new galaxy, literally. The book has become a team book all of a sudden and we are developing far from the humble beginnings of Boy Chimney. If you can keep up with China you are better person than I!





Earth 2 #14

The ending of the title has left me sad but James Robinson is going out firing. This is the prelude to the big showdown between the supers and Steppenwolf, and it is great. We are also privy to the introduction of new heroes we have been longing to see!




Batman '66 001-000

Batman ’66 #1

This book very much benefits from the digital format because the exposition is dependent on the flash pop ups of the speech bubbles, and most definitely the sound effects. The art is very much in tune with the 60’s television show and it is a beautiful homage of that program.



X-Men Legacy #13

The theme of this book has transformed with each issue. Legion is developing his reputation as a powerful mutant who is slowly gaining control of his mind, and in doing so accessing his immense power. His experiments in altruism have people confused and scared, as they should be. A brilliant take on the character.





Uber #3

Kieron Gillen continues this immense work of fiction. He is creating an amazing world in which the Ubermen are the key to the second world war. Previous issues have focused in Germany but we now move to England where we may have actually met our protagonist. Immense background work building to an interesting story and characters.




Five Weapons #5

I have thoroughly enjoyed this book and it has held strong to the end. The story was unique and there are some great examples of deductive reasoning. It is a lovely book with fantastic examples of letterbox panelling.




  1. Great theatre list! Earth 2 #14 is my favourite, really look forward to this title each month. The story and art have been brilliant. I’m sad that Robinson is leaving though, he has done fantastic work on this series. Its really building up to an epic showdown between the New Wonders of Earth 2 and Steppenwolf.

  2. I’m sad to see Five Weapons go…and then I got to the end and found out its returning as an ongoing in 2014. Yah!

    Looking over your pull-list I noticed one noticeable omission: the Superior Foes of Spider-Man. That issue rocked and I seriously recommend it. Best of the Week in my opinion. 🙂

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