Cover of the Week 10/7 – Superman Unchained #2 by Jim Lee

2013-07-10 07-23-41 - Superman Unchained (2013-) 002-000There is a very specific reason as to why this is my cover of the week. It is not often I take the opportunity to discuss Jim Lee’s artwork but  this demonstrates why he is so incredible: Epic grandiose heroism. This is our first love. The superheroes we love as children, the people we look up to and those that we aspire to be like. The idea we can be better than who we are because there is someone who is showing us that it is possible, and no one does it better than Superman. I think we may be delving into my own superhero complex so lets keep it to the art. Jim Lee is a master of human anatomy and posture. If we combine that with his ability to manipulate light and shade then we unveil an immaculate greek sculpture of a God. Not only does Clark look fantastic with the bright red and blue but he is trying to save us. Well I say us, but I feel he is more saving the people of the United States, hence the ridiculously over the top grasping of the American flag. But it works because it is Superman and this is what he does. He is grimacing and the stress and strain is visible on his face as he holds aloft the tank. There is certainly an underlying message of alleviating war against the home nation, but that is also in keeping with the mythology. There are few artists out there that draw Superman like an Adonis, posing and acting on behalf of a moral superlative. This is how I wanted my idols to look and act like, and Jim Lee captures that child like hope and innocence. This is a glorious cover of a glorious hero acting in a glorious way.

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  1. Awesome choice of cover for the week. This is a fantastic picture of Superman by Jim Lee, I like how he is battling the tanks and grasping the scrap of the flag, a great cover!

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