The Theatre List 10/7 – Another Marvel…lous Week

You will have to forgive me, because I have been hidden away in a tiny little village called Herräng learning to tap dance, hence the tardiness of this post.  I appreciate most people would have forgotten about last weeks comics but, for completeness, I feel the need to highlight the best of that week! I won’t keep you too long, so here we go:


Batman (2011-) 022-000

Batman #22

I am adoring this story as it seems to take an approach unseen in modern times. There are spaces in Batman folklore that are suitably being filled by Snyder and Capullo, and they are doing it so well. Check out my CFH post for mote details! ( The art is lovely and Gotham really seems like a rundown city, with some excellent pre-villain character appearances.




Young Avengers v2 007-000

Young Avengers #7

This new assembly is really working out well with Gillen developing the undertones of individual rapports. Mix in a compelling magic/multiverse story with some Tumblr and Twitter rips and you are onto a winner!




Uncanny X-Men v3 008-000

Uncanny X-Men #8

Meet some new mutants, lose some older new ones and have a life lesson with Magneto; thats the crux of this book. For the record it is done very well and there is a plot just itching to make its way out, but for the moment we will have to wait.





Hawkeye #12

It is interesting when you look at the pacing and development of the Hawkeye story. The guest artists are there to provide a new angle on the story which is often only loosely connected. But when that guest artist is Francavilla then it is a joy to read. This is a story running along side Pizza Dog which involves Clint’s brother and there is some great art and background exposition.



Daredevil v3 028-000

Daredevil #28

This book is flying right now as Waid and Rodriguez take on a character from Devil’s childhood. The bully who had taken it too far and paid for it for the rest of his life; it’s a great take on an origin. There is a sublime double page action splash, as we follow the billy club through the panels.




Indestructible Hulk #10

This book rarely makes this list but this team up has a great dynamic. It is rare we see a friend of Bruce’s learn how to manage Hulk in berzerker mode. An excellently written issue.




Superior Spider-Man 013-000

The Superior Spider-Man #13

I give so much credit to Slott for writing about the moral decline of our beloved superhero. I feel we are venturing towards a level of disdain for Ock and it may become too much for some of us to handle.




Avengers_Arena_Vol_1_12Avengers Arena #12

I have always complained about the balance of this book, but now we are really biting into it’s central tenets. The characters have come to life and the detailed origin issues are now coming into prescience. The main fight scene is incredible and I am really beginning to love Nico.




EastOfWest04_001East of West #4

Wow! Just wow! The fight in this book is just astounding and Dragotta is on fire. The book is really taking shape and a little bit of affection is slowly seeping its way onto the pages. This book just gets better and better.




chew35_coverChew #35

It is with great pleasure I introduce Chew to the Theatre List. I have finally caught up with the story and have read the latest issue. Tony Chu has become so incredible a badass that he is unrecognisable from the initial issues. The story has so many twists and turns and this issue leaves us in shock as we close the final page. Brilliant



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