Cover of the Week – Deadpool #13 by Kristafer Anka

Deadpool v4 013-000

Gerry and Brian are really enjoying writing this book. This is the second trip down pretend memory lane, showing Wade in the 70’s having all sorts of fun. This issue features Luke Cage and Daniel Rand as Power Man and Iron Fist and is incredibly entertaining. Kristafer has gone for a Blaxploitation themed cover which is very apropos. The film genre of the seventies was specifically made for an urban black population. Whether the exploitation of classic racist tropes was for the benefit or defamation of the black population, was hotly debated. Either way the cover of this book is of that fashion, and looks brilliant. Deadpool in an afro wig is funny enough but his posture with a long barrelled gun is genius. It is his expression which brings out the cheek and wit of Wade, even under the mask we can see his wry grin and sly gaze. We have some classical side shots of Afro-Carribean women wielding weapons, and even a classic US automobile. Luke Cage has his traditional outfit on especially for the cover, and Iron Fist looks exceptionally cool with the  flared tassels of his costume. The brightly character focused colours and awesome rhyming tagline, nicely bring out the movie poster motif. Just a refreshingly wonderful cover, and if you have never seen the classic movie posters, then check them out blow!




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