The Theatre List 17/7 – Jason Aaron wins this week!

Jason Aaron has been incredible this week with storming issues of Thanos Rising and Thor. He can take a comic book and take it where it needs to go, whether its a school of quirky students, a raging green monster, or in these cases, a story worthy of the Gods. The week was pretty good otherwise with great work from both companies. The Prelude to Infinity was a little dull and I find that Hickman uses his new characters to progress the story, as opposed to the Avengers who play the supporting cast. All New X-Men finally finished its…wait up, first arc? The slow build to Mystique’s master plan led to a dull anti-climax, suffice to say I was disappointed. Despite that it was a very enjoyable week.


Justice League of America (2013-) 006-000

Justice League of America #6

The second part of Trinity War continues and it is surprisingly good. Well written and drawn with good character developments, especially with the Wonder Woman/Superman/Batman rapports. Though I take issue with the origin of the “War” the involvement of JLD is getting me excited.



Batman and Robin (2011-) - Catwoman 022-000

Batman & Catwoman #22

There are two parts of this book that I just adore: Cassie is a wonderful character and I am enjoying how she is developing her relationship with Alfred and Bruce. The rescue of the child gave some welcome solace to Bruce and give him a chance to show how good his paternal nature actually is.



Animal Man (2011-) 022-000

Animal Man #22

This issue saw little red head try to resurrect her dead brother, only to be met with very adult like truths. It was devastating and very sad. Mix in Buddy trying to fight hideous animal part monsters and you have an exciting and tragic book.





Uncanny X-Force v2 008-000

Uncanny X-Force #8

Now I am not going to lie; this book is beginning to freak me out. It reminds me of a french incestuous love triangle movie called the Dreamers, that freaked me a little too. The Fantomex triplets are a odd and their love of Psylocke is being expressed in stranger and stranger ways. It looks lovely and Im enjoying the left field approach.



Thor - God of Thunder 010-000

Thor #10

The GodBomb storyline continues and the books becomes even more epic, with a beautiful twist on Gorr. From turning over the cover to finishing the last page, Esad is mesmerising.




Thanos Rising 004-000

Thanos Rising #4

Thanos has become the biggest bastard he was always destined to be, and his disturbed nature is really seeping from the pages. Once again Aaron is taking this character to places never seen and Bianchi is doing good work. (I say that with reservation because I have never liked the look of his art).



FF v2 009-000

FF #9

The characters in this book are rapidly developing into some of my new favourite people. The children are quirky and amusing whilst the adults are developing into unique personalities. Quinones and Allred’s artwork is perfectly for the theme of this book and is a joy to read.



Deadpool v4 013-000

Deadpool #13

There is not another book as amusing as this at the moment. I don’t just mean it is funny, it is laugh out loud frivolity on every page. This blaxploitation retrospective issue is perfectly written and apt for the genre. I cannot recommend this book enough.





Revival 012 (2013) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001

Revival #12

This issue begins the second season of Revival and is a great piece of reflective work. There is a stunning page where a Reviver describes the loss of emotion was when he realised he was no longer alive. It took me aback and left me pondering. Gotta love the Skottie Young cover too.




Half Past Danger #3

This book takes a quirky niche, dinosaurs in WWII, and makes it compelling. The story is a classic trope but the art, especially the inking and shading is wonderful. The colouring adds to the style and Stephen Mooney deserves a lot of credit for this series.

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