Cover of the Week 7/8 – Trillium #1 by Jeff Lemire

Trillium 001-014Jeff Lemire is a talented creator and is well known as a writer, but his previous works of Essex County, Sweet Tooth and The Underwater Welder have shown his skills as an artist. This comic demonstrates both specialties in a wonderful new title called Trillium. The cover is part of a double front page, which fits the stories portrayed in this book. It is a meeting of two people from different worlds and the covers compliment one another. Lemire has a wrinkly pencil style as his protagonists appear very weathered and fatigued. However the female lead looks more attractive but his imperfect style gives the impression of fragility. His characters have a realistic vulnerability and this is also portrayed excellently through their expressions. Both characters seem to be looking upwards and staring into the world below them, where the other inhabits. For the gentlemen it is wartime carrying an injured soldier and for the lady it is in a spacesuit wandering through a strange world. My favourite part of the covers are the delightful watercolours. The backgrounds are so pretty and the atmosphere so desolate and ethereal. I adore the skin tones and the symmetry of the front pages, with subtle red highlights. The dark colours of space and the sheer loneliness of our protagonists are accompanied but small highlights of red and orange giving an air of optimism and hope. This feeling is assured with the bright yellow colouring of the title, and I cannot wait to read it.

Trillium 001-000

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