The Theatre List 7/8 – Imagine Image Invading Indefinitely

I cannot complain this week, well that’s a lie because I probably can, but there is little reason to given the great number of good books that were out. It was thoroughly dominated by the indies, especially Image with great books such as Manhattan Projects, Luther Strode, Satellite Sam and Sheltered. I must make mention of All New X-Men as I did like it but it infuriates me that there are now two Scotts in the current climate of anti-Cyclops rhetoric and people have now just accepted it as the status quo. Though @grumpyhawk first said it, I completely agree that it is almost like an Ultimate X-Men title. However I am sure the new crossover title will solve everything, ahem….



Dial H #15

It is all over and I am quite upset about it. The book is batshit mental and I cannot pretend I understand what is happening but I am able to tell that the ending was rushed. Its a shame because the story was compelling and so unique to the DC world. Goodbye my antihero friends.




Superior Spider-Man 015-000

Superior Spider-Man #15

I really enjoyed this particular issue because it took a different approach to the hero trying to live an alternate normal life; well Ock just forgets about it. He does what he wants and his selfishness in the pursuit of being a superior hero is such a juxtaposition that I love it.



The Superior Foes of Spider-Man 002 (2013) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001

Superior foes of Spider-Man #2

When you write about characters that are morally corrupt then you are able to develop some despicable individuals in interesting ways. Boomerang is a great character and his underhanded interactions with his colleagues are quite amusing. Nick Spencer is flying on this run.



Iron Man v5 014-000

Iron Man #14

It is rare to see Iron Man on this list but this issue was a great one. It really played a cat and mouse game with Tony trying to outwit a God. The twist at the end was a surprise and highlighted the seriousness for change.




Avengers v5 017-000

Avengers #17

Its a decent enough issue with more grandstanding and bad guys becoming good guys; the Avengers so indeed become bigger. Let us see if this becomes another case of big villains getting beaten by big good guys.






Manhattan Projects #13

Hickman’s well established independent work is still running at full speed. A huge amount of credit goes to the wonderful Nick Pitarra with his wonderful quirky art and the stunning temperature setting colouring of Jordie Bellaire. It is an insane story with insane scientists and their insane scientific theories.



Burn the Orphanage - Born To Lose 001-000

Burn the Orphanage #1

If the cover was not an obvious giveaway, then the story with its ridiculous who burnt the orphanage plot and the computer style action sequences lead you to the Streets of Rage homage. It is a fun book with lovely art and humour and a Streetfighter style ending.



Fatale-16_CFatale #16

It has become pretty clear by now that each issue of Fatale is pretty much the same. Josephine is a beautiful witch placing every man under her spell. To what end and why remains a mystery but Brubaker and Philips are happy to develop story after story of beleaguered men. Though repetitive it is still well written and incredibly drawn.



The Legend of Luther Strode 006-000The Legend of Luther Strode #6

I really began to adore this book because Luther and Petra are such a lovely couple, though amongst a shopping mall of dead bodies. Justin Jordan has managed to create a gore filled violent book with a romantic theme to it. They have a touching and dedicated relationship which shines from all the gore.



Sheltered 002-000

Sheltered #2

Now I have no idea what the set up to this book is, but I do like its expression. The kids are running scared from one another and it is becoming pretty intense. The book has a Lord of the Flies feel to it which is quite the intriguing tale. The art is also gorgeous.



Satellite Sam 002-000Satellite Sam #2

This is a strange book based around the shenanigans of of tv studio and the mystery of a murdered actor. It is well written given it is a story about television and difficult actors. The artwork is very cool but I wonder whether the grayscale does it justice.




Trillium 001-000

Trillium #1

This book is just wonderful. It is well written and interesting with the alternate universes coming together will so many potential consequences. The plot is very interesting with a unique exposition. Jeff Lemire’s art is so fragile and vulnerable that the characters’ emotions are so well expressed.

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