Cover of the Week 14/7 – Infinity #1 by Adam Kubert and Laura Martin

Infinity 001-000How can this not be the cover of the week? It is the first issue of the massive crossover Avengers event, it is written by Hickman, it features Thanos and most importantly it is drawn by Adam Kubert. He is part of the royal family of comic art and has produced a truly wonderful cover. Thanos is drawn alone and almost in silhouette with a blue reflecting an aggressive and menacing grin. His jowls are drawn in gritty detail together with the hard wrinkles lateral to his pointed nose. The lighting is from above and so only certain aspects of his face are shown and is a fantastic effect but really dependent on the brilliant colouring of the legendary Laura Martin. The ominous blue lighting effect provides emphasis on his teeth and the expressive nature of his smile. It is also reflected from his headgear giving beautiful smooth geometrical shapes lying atop a weathered and thick facial expression. There is a delicate balance between the pencilling and the colouring with this cover, but with Kubert and Martin only perfection is expected and achieved. The blue hue to the cover provides an ethereal ominousness, especially as the  energy seems to emanate from his body giving the impression of raw power and readiness to wield it. The cover is so aesthetically pleasing that as you admire patiently, you notice the bright eyes and teeth of Thanos directed at you, inciting embers of anxiety and fear.

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