The Theatre List 14/8 – It is the who’s who of comic writers!

I have to say that the best books this week were exceptionally good and read as the who’s who of writers; Hickman, Aaron, Snyder, Fraction, BK Vaughan and Spencer. I was quite disappointed with Uncanny X-Men as just when I think its moving, we end up once again fighting yet more sentinels. That may not be enough to take it off the list this week, but Irving’s art just does not do it for me. Uncanny X-Force is bitterly disappointing with some uninspiring memory pages, which is a shame because I like the cast. Deadpool was a weaker issue especially as the conclusion to a great retro issue only a couple weeks back. The Green Lantern series is failing to satisfy me and I see nothing more than average stories. I hope it will be improve but I may just be too much of a John’s fanboy. These books do not take away from the greatness below!


Batman (2011-) 023-000

Batman #23

Zero Year is a decent story arc and the retelling of the unveiling of the Bat mantle is fresh. Its is classic storytelling from a writing and art perspective. Capullo and Snyder have become a well oiled machine and I cannot wait for the mysteries to unveil themselves.




Wolverine and the X-Men 034-000

Wolverine & the X-Men #34

Jason Aaron is the X-Men as far as I am concerned. He takes the classic school paradigm and has shifted the focus onto the kids themselves. Idie and Quentin are quite the endearing protagonists and the Hellfire kids make for fantastic adversaries. This is my favourite X-book and I recommend it to all.




Thor - God of Thunder 011-000

Thor #11

Jason Aaron once again strikes gold. However this book owes a lot to Esad’s art as without it, there is no grandeur. I shall be reviewing a significant page of this issue later this week!




Secret Avengers v2 007-000

Secret Avengers #7

This book plays an interesting theme, it is the slow burning espionage movie. There are twists and unexpected turns that make for a fantastic read. It is hard to follow sometimes and a little dark in colour, but the quality of the writing cannot be denied.




Infinity 001-000

Infinity #1

Where do we begin to describe this book? Hickman brings together a lot of his slowly weaved storylines from the very beginning of New Avengers and Avengers. It throws in a huge number of characters and finally brings in Thanos. The art is solid and the book will only reveal more secrets of the compelling plot.





Saga 013-000

Saga #13

It is so good to see this book back on the shelves. It is a slow return as the story seems to be jumping in time somewhat but the romantic protestations of the Will are very well written. It is impressive how you can develop compassion for a relationship involving a venus de milo spider creature, but I do!




East of West #5

When I first reviewed this book I was concerned that the overall arc would fail to live up to expectations, but it doesn’t. It really doesn’t. The romance and apocalyptic themes merge together fantastically and I finally feel empathy for the central character. This is a fine piece of comic art and is Hickman at his very best.




Half Past Danger #4

I just love the tone of this book. It is like Indiana Jones meets dinosaurs and is solidly written but exceptionally drawn. It has the classic feel of the World Wars and the action is beautifully rendered. I cannot wait for more.

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