Cover of the Week 21/8 – X Men Legacy #15 by Mike Del Mundo

X-Men Legacy 015-000

It surprises me that I have only just placed X-Men Legacy as a cover of the week, as Del Mundo has many an innovated cover. This is no different and relates to David returning to his mum. Its a lovely image of a mother holding up an old polaroid of her beloved child. The photo is a wonderfully humorous image of baby Legion strapped to his mother with his classic hairstyle. Not only that, but we have him performing telekinesis with his toys behind her back. The child will play when the mother is not looking. The pencils are soft and endearing with warm and almost pastel shaded colours. I also love the detail that has gone into creating the out of focus toys, that are near to the camera lens. The annotation on the photo is a generic proud mother note but considering how powerful Haller actually is, he’s certainly “Momma’s Special little Man”. The whole cover conjures thoughts of a loving mother reminiscing about her child coming home to visit. Of course as naughty as David may appear in the polaroid, it represents his antics as a adult. I like how Spurrier is making David into an unaccountable hero who is pushing the boundaries of legality and decency, and now he makes him go home to his mother. Excellent work all round.

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