The Theatre List 15/8 – A surprisingly even spread!

I tweeted earlier this week that I felt uninspired by this weeks comics, and that was because nothing really blew me away outside of Batman and Nightwing. I was left wanting with Avengers Assemble but I think that is more my lack of rapport with Jessica. Though it is quite cool to see Daredevil ride the surfboard there wasn’t much depth to the villain, who seemed to serve a strange singular purpose. X-Men infuriated me that we can ever believe Wolverine can spend quality time with Jubilee, given how he is in every book ever. Let alone state that it is good once in a while to get away from the school, he’s always away from the school! And honestly I have no idea what is going on in X-factor, I need to go back to research if there was ever a rapport between Monet and Armando. These weren’t bad books but there was not enough for me to recommend them, but there were a few gems out there:


Batman and Robin (2011-) - Nightwing 023-000

Batman & Robin #23

This book was as emotionally devastating as the Incorporated issue that killed Damien. I plan to review this later this week, so watch out for those feels.




Justice League Dark (2011-) 023-000

Justice League Dark #23

I have been a fan of this title since its inception and I like the fact that Constantine is playing a major role. The crossover is pretty solid, with reasonable writing and good artwork. I look forward to the final issue and I am sad to see JLD on its way out of the old 52.



Batman Beyond 2.0 (2013-) 001-000

Batman Beyond Universe #1

I really enjoyed this book because it was a solid story with a refreshing outlook of the stoic Gothamites. Even if you have never read or seen Batman Beyond, its pretty reader friendly. Silas has a great artistic technique, very reminiscent of a television cartoon style.



X-Men Legacy 015-000

X-Men Legacy #15

What a phenomenal book with a genuinely interesting look at the mother son relationship of Legion. There is a wonderful moment where she confronts the Xavier demon in his mind. The art is exceptionally unique and not to everyone’s tastes but works perfectly for David’s mind.



Superior Spider-Man 016-000

Superior Spider-Man #16

Having just read Spider-Island I have a newfound outlook on the importance of Carlie Cooper. The seeds are being sewn for the end of Doc Ock’s secret and I like how Slott is subtly handling it. All whilst Spidey-Ock is running rampant with his army and garnering positive public opinion.



Avengers v5 018-000

Avengers #18

Another great issue to the crossover revealing the insecurities of the skrulls and a new rapport between Clint and Carol. The book is an example of how to approach a crossover with the giant storylines but also deliver on a smaller personal level too.





Revival 013 (2013) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001

Revival #13

The secret is slowly coming out about the revivers. The plot is well paced and the surprises are treated without the emphasis they deserve. It keeps the book grounded and lets you work out the impact for yourselves. It doesn’t just do the work for you and that is an exceptional storytelling gift.




Chin Music #2

This is an intriguing little book with quite tough art to digest. It is heavy and densely coloured almost leaving you with a migraine! It is dark and it is dirty but captures the tone of the prohibition underworld. Add in an air of mysticism and you have quite a compelling and interesting book.



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