Cover of the Week 28/8 – Uncanny Avengers #11 by John Cassaday

Uncanny Avengers 011-000This cover has quite a distinctive look to it, the bleakness and intimidation runs rife. Wolverine is relatively unstoppable, as much as the immense punishment he has undergone over the years would suggest. This cover shows Logan in a moment of fragility, where he is pinned to a concrete by his arms and feet. The depressions on the wall show that there was a powerful force that did this to him and the blood is dripping down emphatically. It pours from his appendages moving towards the bottom of the cover, this distances give the impression there is a large volume of exsanguination. His head is also looking down in resignation, almost knowing his future is inevitable. The actual framing and colouring are exceptionally stylish. The scene is central with symmetrical black borders and the title follows suit giving a stunning image, even to the point where Cassaday’s signature is a mirror image of itself. Laura Martin preserves a minimalist colour palette that correlates the title and the concrete wall. I adore how the light shines from above, casting shadows on himself as he looks to the floor. As well as being an incredibly impressive cover, it serves as a warning to us, from whatever force that did this to him. The message portrayed is that if Wolverine cannot stand the fight, then few others can. The end is nigh and Apocalyspe children have begun their war. Be afraid, be very afraid.

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