The Theatre List 28/8 – Mind the….What?!

I quite enjoyed the weeks comics and there were a lot of books that didn’t make the list, that were still quite good. Secret Avengers was quite the intriguing story, especially from the twist of the previous issue. Morning Glories was a single character issue which is rare, but reasonable nonetheless. Deadpool was a lot of fun again with so much self deprecating humour that it becomes quite painful! Thor was also solidly written but the loss of Ribic from the art, left our hero looking rather glum. I was also sad to see the end of Journey Into Mystery, but the Sif story lines were quite average. Uncanny Avengers is rather confused and I seem to have lost track with all the happenings and horsemen battles. It just is not holding it together as a coherent story arc. But that is enough of the criticisms, lets move onto the good times!



The Flash #23

Manapul and Buccalleto are an impressive pairing of writers and artists. There is unlikely to be a DC book as polished and wonderfully coloured as this. Barry Allen has become an interesting and heartfelt in the face of the immense Reverse Flash. Great battle and brilliant reveal.




Larfleeze #2

There are two reasons why I am enjoying this book: The butler is a great character with a great sense of humour and the transformation of the Orange Lantern Corps into a corporeal form. It is quite the amusing and interesting tale.





Justice League #23

The finale to Trinity War was just incredible. The plot twist and big reveal was truly inspired. The action is solid and the story reasonable but its conclusion was mind blowing. You must read this!





Uncanny X-Men v3 011-000

Uncanny X-Men #11

This book is shaping up much better than All New X-Men because we finally see the dysfunctional team of green teens and broken adults function together against a common enemy. The build up is paying off and it is good to see a structured battle based upon each characters foundation.



Thanos Rising 005-000

Thanos Rising #5

There is little to be said about this book except the fact that it is incredible. The finale had a few differing viewpoints to its meaning but ultimately will leave people feeling sad and empty. This is an excellent bad guy story and leads well into Infinity.




New Avengers v3 009-000

New Avengers #9

Just wow. I give Hickman so much credit for building a story around two separate Avengers titles that link so well. The book focuses on its own background stories but interlinks them into the crossover which is so refreshing compared to the usual story that takes over multiple issues.



Young Avengers v2 009-000

Young Avengers #9

Gillen storytelling is a gift to behold. His characters are real with empathetic problems and when you bring back JiM’s Leah, it can only be for vengeance! Tragic and moving but also cool and hip simultaneously.




Wolverine and the X-Men 035-000

Wolverine & X-Men #35

See my recent review!







Collider/Federal Bureau of Physics #2

Despite its recent name change, Collider is onto its second issue and is moving at full speed. It is well drawn and the reality bending physics are well portrayed. Great build and twist to the story too.




Mind the Gap #13mind-the-gap13-covA-web

It is was not for Aaron Meyers I would not be buying this book. The suspense and lack of reveals after 12 issues were getting to me but this issue completely throws the curveball. It is enough to keep you reading and certainly needs to build on the foundation it has only just laid.

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