Cover of the Week 4/9 – Batman & Robin 23.1 by Chris Burnham

Batman and Robin (2011-) - Featuring Two-Face23.1-000Now it wont come as a surprise to some readers, that Chris Burnham is featured in my Cover of the Week! I am a loyal fan of his art, but aside from that this was actually my favourite because it looks fantastic and made use of the lenticular cover nicely. Two Face is probably my favourite Bat villain and this cover defines his character extremely well. It is a classic pose with him holding a gun in his right hand, whilst holding his two face coin in his left, ready to flick. It is the thumb action and the simulation of a coin spinning, that does the “3-D” proud, it looks quite cool. I love the prominence of the negative scratched face of the coin as the centre feature of the page. Burnham’s unique quirky art is befitting of the insane villains Batman has acquired over the years, and Harvey is no exception. His eyes and grin are angled at an evil slant, and both sides of his face are as terrifying as one another. I also love the backdrop of a grim and unkempt alley, where we find Batman chained on the floor. As sharp as Dent’s suit is, he still cohabits the dark and grime of society, where we also find Bruce. Even though I imagine Batman could escape, it still creates tense imagery that he is trapped and Two Face is tossing the coin, allowing the scarred face of Liberty to decide Bruce’s fate. It is a beautiful cover and a joy as ever to see Burnham’s work.



  1. Great choice for cover of the week, great to see Two Face on the cover of Batman & Robin 23.1 I like how Batman is chained up in the alley and Two Face and how his coin flips towards you.

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