The Theatre List 2/10 – Lights Out but Im still reading my comics!

This past week has been a rather enjoyable comic affair with numerous great cross publisher books. The two big books from DC and Marvel were both on the average side and are not featured below. Forever Evil is making progress but it is quite lack lustre and I am not entirely sold on the evilness of the Crime Syndicate. I am reliant on their previous incarnations to help me keep to their characters, which is not good enough writing. However Lex playing the anti-hero keeps it interesting and David Finch’s art of course. Battle of the Atom seems to repeat itself with new pointless characters but I am waiting for the killer hook: What the hell do the young X-Men have to do with the future troubles that seem to be so disastrous? I imagine it will focus around Jeanie but that reveal will need to be the saving grace of the arc. If its a simple fact of her time travelling then honestly I will stop buying Bendis books. Phew! I needed to get that out there, anyway here’s the good stuff.


2013-10-02 07-24-28 - Green Lantern (2011-) 024-000

Green Lantern #24

I have little faith in the post Johns era, but the beginning of this arc is impressing me with its solid storytelling. See my review at Comics for Heroes this week!





Earth 2 #16

I was devastated to learn that this is James Robinson’s last issue, especially when it fires on all cylinders and the war really takes a turn for the worst with the introduction of Darkseid, and that is not even the surprise twist!





Deadpool v4 017-000

Deadpool #17

This was an impressive issue because Deadpool rescues Wolverine and Cap, after they turned down his pleas for help. It is interesting to use these particular two because the story is focused upon the development of super soldier clones, its not just the star power they bring. Good storytelling and great humour.



Savage Wolverine 009-000

Savage Wolverine #9

When I first heard the title of this book, the images the conjured up in my mind were exactly the ones Jock has been drawing, certainly not those by Cho. He is alone and feral in a desolate landscape, fighting monsters. This is where Wolverine belongs and I love the savageness Jock brings.



The Superior Foes of Spider-Man 004 (2013) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001

Superior foes of Spider-Man #4

The caper continues as the Sinister Six are on the trail of a beheaded gangster! The dialogue between villains is so brilliantly co-ordinated and I never thought I would be a fan of Boomerang. The story is great and it can only end in disaster! As I always say In Nick Spencer we trust.





Lazarus 004-000Lazarus #4

The art is so brilliantly portrayed as the violence in this book is so graphic and fluid. The plot is moving along well and the twists and turns keep coming. I am not sure the background to the book is anything outside of a classical feudal system but Im interested to see how that plays into the story.



Mara 006-000

Mara #6

Now this was a final issue and one that completely came from leftfield. Mara seems to move from a regular sports personality to a superbeing reflecting on the people of Earth. I wondered where it was going and it was an interesting subtle story with excellent art and colouring. It will not be for everyone but its a lovely book.



Morning Glories 032 (2013) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001

Morning Glories #32

We now focus upon Vanessa for an issue. The art is beautiful as always and the story is confusing with new twists as always. I love this book but I really want some more reveals, but I am satisfied with the new turn to smaller personal stories.






Trillium #3

Now people will either love or hate the page turning upside down effect. I liked it and I enjoy the crazy journey into the unknown of two completely different characters in time. Its drawn exceptionally well and suits the story Lemire is telling. That isn’t surprising considering he is the artist too!




Uber 006 (2013) (6 Covers) (Darkness-Empire) 001

Uber #6

Historical war fiction has never been a preference of mine but the level of detail employed by Gillen is highly admirable. his infusion of fantasy to this is incredible and almost realistic, especially with the wonderful art by White. It is disturbing and upsetting, as every war should be and I love how we now focus on Japan’s involvement in the war.




Absolution Rubicon #4

Christos Gage has always been a solid writer, and as Waid did with Irredeemable, he has taken a villain so powerful that the future is actually grim. The rallying of a few good heroes and people is touching and heartfelt and places this book on my pull list. Solid writing, disturbing action.



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