The Theatre List 23/10 – May as well be the Fraction list!

Every week I seem to make the same complaints in that Battle of the Atom saw very little happen, and Forever Evil made little uninteresting progress. There was no Infinity this week but there were plenty of good books to focus upon. Indestructible Hulk, whilst not making the list, was a reasonable book and the arc finished with an interesting time twist. Uncanny Avengers was also a solid book but is not impressing me enough to make the list. Mostly because the story progression with the horsemen of death is too forced. I cannot take Daken seriously because he is not really Wolverine’s son. Even though Constantine was attacked by flying scalpels, it was not enough to make me enjoy the whole book. However this list has been firmly propped up by Matt Fraction:


The Flash (2011-) 024-000

The Flash #24

I have been thoroughly enjoying this book and the Reverse Flash arc finished with a peter. I complain about the needlessly explosive endings but the personal epiphany ending is also tough to do. Either way the art was brilliant and the whole arc has been great.




FF v2 013-000

FF #13

Once again the combination of humour from Fraction and adorable FF kids art from Allred make this a solid book. Its the subtle jokes as opposed to the overarching story that make this book great. It is a shame it is about to undergo a creator change.




Savage Wolverine 010-000

Savage Wolverine #10

I re-create my comments from #9, Jock can draw a savage Wolverine as good as anyone. That alone is worth the admission price. I will be focusing on his art in an upcoming post!




Iron Man v5 017-000

Iron Man #17

Gillen has developed a nature vs nurture story and I cannot wait to see where it goes. The twist at the end makes the whole arc fit together, the sum is greater than the parts.




Daredevil v3 032-000

Daredevil #32

It makes you wonder how Mark Waid can successfully introduce a horror element to this book, but Samnee reigns it all in. Exposition and artistic composition are rarely so inseparable. The only reason why you may not enjoy this book, is if you dislike zombies, werewolves and magic (oh wait! Thats me!).



Young Avengers v2 011-000

Young Avengers #11

Gillen and McKelvie continue in stellar fashion with the tension heating up, and it is time to remove the innocence of youth to face the parents. The twist in this book is what everyone is talking about, but it is a shame that the All New Marvel Now announcements somewhat spoiled it. But it should still be read.




Velvet 001-000

Velvet #1

It is so good to read Brubaker again away from Fatale. I adore his slow paced and cunning style. Velvet is a brilliant central character and John Le Carre is clearly the inspiration here. A cold war espionage thriller is the best way to describe this book, and Epting is perfect for the job.



Satellite Sam 004-000

Satellite Sam #4

Matt Fraction in action again but this time it is not about sex or a school of gifted youngsters, but about television production in the 60s. He has an innate ability to empathise with a great range of people and eras. Chaykin’s art is an acquired taste but is perfect for the mood of this comic. Excellent atmosphere



Pretty Deadly 001-000

Pretty Deadly #1

If combine old Indian myths and a run down wild west, you will find Rios imperfect unrefined characters. Kelly Sue does a brilliant job of combining fantasy and reality, in an excellent first issue of a redemptive hell rider.




Sex Criminals 002-000

Sex Criminals #2

Peep my review!




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