Cover of the Week 30/10 – Saga #15 by Fiona Staples

saga15-cover-2608dI just find this cover fascinating. It gives the appearance that Alana and Marko are role playing their favourite trashy romance fiction, which is the cornerstone of their relationship. It is of particular relevance, given that the the current story revolves around the author of said novel. Marko is looking particularly muscular and alluring with the puffy shirt falling off the chest look. Alana looks extremely sexy and her dress allows full viewing of her clasped leg and exposed upper body. Their interlocking poses are especially erotic and their passionate facial expressions show they are infatuated with each other. The shading excellently portrays the defined musculature of Marko and the delicate smooth skin of Alana. The dusk setting of the castle landscape is perfectly in tune to the misogynistic romance on display, a staple of this type of fiction. In the UK this type of book is synonymous with the publisher Mills and Boon, and often features a dominant male pursuing a submissive female, until she eventually succumbs to his advances and they live happily ever after, in the castle behind them. Below is an example of the Mills and Boon covers, Staples is depicting. What I love most about this cover is neither character is accurately portrayed here in anyway. Marko is far from the hunky saviour and Alana is more boyish in nature. It is a stark contrast to the couple we know and love, and plays a lovely irony to the reverse role equal relationship that Alana and Marko represent. However it is great to see them looking so sexy and erotic instead of running for their lives.


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