The Theatre List 13/11 – The Usual Suspects

I found a lot of average mid plot transition comics out last week. They were solid but nothing particularly amazing and these included Superior Spider-Man, Justice League, Avengers Arena, and Wolverine. Most surprisingly of all would be Thor, which has been storming in recent time. The latest issue was a drinking session in an ale house followed by a fight with giants. The art was solid and the writing decent enough but there was not enough plot development or characterisation for me to really love it. Zero Year also began and was great when it came to Batgirl but only okay with Green Lantern Corps. The issue was a little convoluted with average art which is a shame because there was certainly potential. I also must make note of disappointing follow up issues to some indy books, including FBP, Rocket Girl, The Bounce and S.H.O.O.T. first. In any case there were many decent books to keep us all happy.


Superman-Wonder Woman (2013-) 002-000

Superman Wonder Woman #2

What is good about this book is that Soule is keeping it up to date with current continuity, and when Clark meets Diana’s siblings, it is certainly expectantly explosive. Tony Daniel is producing decent epic artwork for these powerhouses of heroes.




2013-11-13 06-24-31 - Batman (2011-) 025-000

Batman #25

Zero Year continues as the city is plummeted into darkness and we meet a new villain. Snyder and Capullo have an innate ability to bring brevity to their antagonists original and new. I cannot emphasise enough how beautiful Fco’s colouring is on this book.





Batgirl #25

Margeurite Bennett has rapidly become one of my favourite newcomer creators. Her stories are personal and important to her central characters, whilst being able to successfully navigate a plot. Its an all important skill and this Zero Year side plot was fantastic.




Forever Evil: Arkham War #2

It is Blackgate vs Arkham for the control of the Talons. A very intriguing book reminiscent of No Man’s Land with perilous relationships between villains and Gordon stuck in the centre. Art is solid and if you are a fan of Bane, then this book is for you.





The Superior Foes of Spider-Man 005 (2013) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001

Superior Foes of Spider-Man #5

The villainous double crossing continues in this hi-jinks comedy written superbly by Nick Spencer. There is a perfect blend of humour and action and Nick has given prominence to a set of minor villains no one cared for before.




Savage Wolverine 011-000

Savage Wolverine #11

Have a look at my Iconic Art Post!





Deadpool v4 019-000

Deadpool #19

The good, the bad and the ugly arc finishes with a resounding smack as Deadpool feels an emotional loss, no one ever really knew he could. Not since Remender in Uncanny X-Force, have we seen this character be serious and as tough a hero as he can be.




Three 002-000

Three #2

The uprising of three Helot’s being with an empathic ruckus. Gillen brings about the politics of the Sparta race in reprimanding their slave race. It is a historical, well researched and well thought out comic and wonderfully coloured.




The Manhattan Projects 016-000

The Manhattan Projects #16

When Hickman and Pitarra are together then I doubt this book will never be on my recommended list. I love this socially inept, highly functioning psychopaths and they are drawn so engagingly, as we face another world threatening incursion from Oppenheimer.


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