Cover of the Week 20/11 – Uncanny X-Men #14 by Chris Bachalo

Uncanny X-Men v3 014-000The first glance at this cover is one of intrigue as it appears to show a morphing of one X-Men into another. However once you read the book, then you realise it is the rather public introduction of a brand new mutant. He is lovingly called Morph and is reminiscent of a character from the early X-Men cartoon. As we inspect more closely, there is a lovely stepwise progression from Morph to another character and then back again. There are some subtle touches such as each character he morphs into having a contrasting visage to the one previous. It is a nice blend of beast vs man vs woman and is a colourful and pleasing cover. Bachalo has a rather distinctive style and his characters always look stylish and chic, though he does suffer with making women look extremely similar. The ending is particularly adorable as he spotted by Cyclops and grabbed by the scruff of his neck. The cover reads lovely and takes more time than single panel shots to digest. The key aspect to this book is to create distinguishable characters on the cover, that make an impression as Morph could have just transformed into each of the Cuckoos. Great variety, great art and a great issue.

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