Cover of the Week 1/1 – Rocket Girl #3 by Amy Reeder

Rocket Girl 003 (2014) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001There were a few good covers this week, and I deliberated long and hard before reaching the conclusion that Rocket Girl deserved this weeks praises. I could talk about how the space outfit looks styling and chic, with a beautiful finish around the details and edges. I might describe the luscious colouring of greys and whites highlighting the green of her buoyant eyes. I should discuss how the lighting effects are fantastic, the glare on her helmet looks incredibly realistic and her face is ever so slightly darker by her headgear. I most certainly need to mention the fact that the cover is essentially a headshot with incredibly subtle but dainty touches to her face such as her freckles and eyelashes. No, these are not the reasons why I chose this cover because beautiful art will always be beautiful art. I chose this cover because of the expression on Dayoung’s face. Her stare is menacing but sweet, her eyes are looking right at you and the angle of her eyebrows are inquisitive but also a little judgemental. There is a righteous indignation on display and she is quite serious. It is difficult to appreciate whether this is because I read the book and I understand her personality, or because that is what is on display. Her facade may be quite simply expressionless leaving her pretty features and cute freckles, but that may be the most important feature of the page. I just adore this cover because I see a charming Rocket Girl staring with fierce intent, and I love reading about her. 


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