The Theatre List 1/1 – Yeah, there really isn’t much to kick off 2014

As Christmas had a limited number of comics on sale, I added them to this list. I have to admit that both Origins II and Rogue Planet had their problems, but I still enjoyed them and needed to read something at Christmas. They were still better than Justice League and Forever Evil which actually teased the return of Sinestro. I may as well delete my 5000 word post dedicated to his memory now. This week saw some weak books, especially with DC as we have a new creative team on Flash and Batwoman. Not only is it disgraceful how DC treated Williams III and Blackman but the new book has lost its feel. Williams III has been with the book since the first arc Elegy and, with bitterness, I struggled to read this issue. I mean no disrespect for the new creators but I need time to mourn. Flash also saw the loss of Buccellato and Manapul and Barry is once again drawn in typical streamlined classical style. I will miss the concerned and caring look they gave Barry and I have no idea how the new team will handle the Flash. However there were some good indy books and new series Im excited to read.



Larfleeze #6

I have so much fun with this book, it is as if everyone hates Larfleeze and tries to kill him but ultimately he always win. As we follow his plight we start to feel for him and gently develop affections. It is an interesting direction and I am hoping he turns around and saves the day.


Avengers v524.NOW-000

Avengers #24.NOW

Now maybe I am getting a little tired of the continual twists and more grandiose crossover hints, or it is just the changing artists in the book, but I enjoyed this less than I thought. I only just recommend it because it is fun, but it is not that great an issue.



The Superior Foes of Spider-Man 007 (2014) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001

Superior Foes of Spider-Man #7

Nick Spencer seems to have the craftwork of Hickman but the personable ability of Bendis. It is incredible how he lets us care for Firefly and her origin story is fantastic. Lieber’s art is cool and slick.



Origin II 001-000

Origin II #1

Let us not be fooled, this is a Wolverine book. It is not a bad story and the art by Kubert is gorgeous but there is nothing original with either aspect. But I liked looking at it.



The Manhattan Projects #17

Stunning as always. Lovely art and colouring and Einstein and Feyman begin the fight back against their aggressors. It is just so impressive that it keeps us engrossed for so long.



The Dead Boy Detectives (2014-) 001-000

Dead Boy Detectives #1

I wonder if I am missing our by not appreciating this kids from Sandman. The story is intriguing and the art is simplistic and lovely. I really was impressed at how the kids are from completely different eras and it is reflected in their personality and their origins.



Revelations 01 01

Revelations #1

This apparently is a reprint and Ramos’ art is so gorgeous and nice to look at that I am so grateful to read it. The inking and colouring give a classic feel and I am liking the murder in the Vatican theme. However I do get the feeling this is far too similar to The Da Vinci Code, and that is not a good thing.



Rocket Girl 003 (2014) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001

Rocket Girl #3

I just love Dayoung’s enthusiasm and petulance in trying to save the day, that no one thinks needs saving. Amy Reeder draws a beautiful character and her expressions are described in my cover of the week



21544Baltimore – Chapel of Bones #1

I know little about Mignola’s world but I am loving this book. The classical medieval English world, drawn with vigour and terror and I am even enjoying the zombies. It is refreshing to know that the next issue will complete this story.

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