The Theatre List 10/2 – Marvel’s All New 52 continues to soar!

Marvel had another phenomenal week with excellent starts to the new She-Hulk and X-Force, combined with the pretend new #1s Superior and Thor #1. Comparatively the stifled Avengers arc is not impressing me, with the average art and a incredibly laborious parallel universe arc. One fellow tweeter called it the Marvel Forever Evil crossover. All New X-Men was nothing special as we continue teenage angst, but involve the Shi’ar in our introspection. Half way through the arc and we really have yet to go anywhere. My final grievance is regarding Batman and the new Eternal line. This latest issue was solid and quite enjoyable but it did completely take away from Zero year. It is impossible to know which time period this is based within and without the internet, you would be completely lost. Apparently it is six months from the new 52 time period, which is also ahead of the current Zero year story. It serves as a prelude to the new weekly comic book which has a decent set of creators on it, however I struggle with the idea of another Bat comic. I wish to support the younger creators but I am not sure I can justify the money. It disappoints me that DC seem to overuse and abuse their best selling work, and we can only hope that the quality is sufficient.


2014-02-12 07-34-55 - Batman (2011-) 028-000

Batman #28

Nguyen and Fridolfs show us what they can do when it comes to an adult comic book. They have adapted their L’il Gotham style nicely to produce an excellent looking comic. Despite my reservations above, the book is decent despite relying on fan service surprises.




X-Men - Legacy v2 024-000

X-Men Legacy #24

Don’t you just love this cover? Check my Iconic Writing Post about this stupendous finale.




X-Force (2014-) 001-000

X-Force #1

Simon Spurrier takes his hand to a brand new X-Force book, including a juvenile de-powered Marrow. The art has depth to it but close shots of facial features lose this perspective and look a bit odd. However it is an exciting story with a fantastic end of first issue twist.



Wolverine and the X-Men 041-000

Wolverine & X-Men #41

What a wonderful issue. The demise of Toad is a compelling story indeed with heartfelt tragedy. I just adore how his evil tear sodden eyes are not revealed until the end of the issue. Jason Aaron is still providing the highest of quality on this book.




Thor - God of Thunder19.NOW-000

Thor #19.NOW

It is just wonderful to see Ribic back on this book and the new story about the demise of Midgard, is intriguing indeed. The epicness returns, especially with the full page spread, and we even see the All father Thor return to protect the world he loves.




She-Hulk (2014-) 001-000

She-Hulk #1

It is good to see Pulido on a regular book and his art brings a comedic simplicity to the book. Soule draws on his in depth knowledge of law to bring an actual case to the desk of Ms Walters. It is a decent touch but borders on being too knowledgeable.




Secret Avengers v2 015-000

Secret Avengers #15

The espionage and subterfuge of this book brings about a great fight scene and a lovely twist at the end. The art is dark and murky befitting the theme, and there are a couple of single page spreads which are amazing.





Deadpool #23

The homage to the worlds greatest dirtiest book in this comic was enough for my recommendations. The art is fun and the writing is suitably amusing and serious.





Superior Spider-Man #27.NOW

What a comic, review is due later this week.






fatale_020_cvrFatale #20

Josie comes back to the man she left in the very first issue of the book. It is nice to see an arc culminating and the story actually moving ahead. It has been a long enough time despite Philips art being as wonderful as ever. 





Protocol Orphans #4

This felt quite rushed as a final issue but it served it’s purpose. The story is interesting but clearly is billed for a sequel as it rushes through an explosive ending. Nonetheless I enjoyed this take on a spy thriller and the twists and turns were enjoyable.





Manifest Destiny #4

Just when you thought it could not get any weirder or disturbing, this book still continues to surprise. The atmosphere is palatable and there is genuine fear that pervades these pages. The story is progressing well but it is the feel of the book which is what makes it enjoyable.


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