The Theatre List 2/4 – The surge of the solo superhero

It definitely feels that the Marvel solo books are taking over this list, because this week featured four of them. Moon Knight should probably feature but there was so little about the main character that I left it off. This is important in establishing the protagonist as early as possible, see Black Widow as a counter example. Loki seems to have moved into a strange scenario and I do not feel the book has stamped its mark yet. Inhuman was okay but just not interesting enough for my liking. I am not sure I really appreciate the different between Inhuman and mutant anymore, especially if humans are becoming Inhuman, it is almost a nice play on words. DC have another average week with Green Lantern, Earth 2, Action Comics and Swamp Thing bring solid work but not enough to recommend to others. Detective Comics was interesting and on the list because I adore the creators, but whether they work in a dark city remains to be seen.


detective30Detective Comics #30

Interestingly enough Batman rarely features in this book outside of the opening action scenes, as Bruce takes the lead for the issue. Manapul and Buccellato require light for their pastel colours and action effects and I am not sure they will work in Gotham. However the story was solid and the art beautiful nonetheless, which enough for a recommendation.



Black-Widow-005-(2014)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-001Black Widow #5 

We finally move into a continuing story and Widow is in trouble. Edmondson escalates the plot after the introductory single issues and its slowly heating up. Noto’s art is phenomenal as always and the series is gradually coming into its own.



Deadpool-026-(2014)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-001Deadpool #26 

When Hitler turns around and says he doesn’t know why so many people are coming from the future to kill him, he must have done something in his past then you know this is a book that needs puling because it is bloody hilarious. Another fake retrospective issue that is brilliant and full of Hitler bashing.



Magneto (2014-) 002-000Magneto #2 

This book is slowly becoming more disturbing by the issue and I give full credit to Bunn for bringing this turn. Magneto is returning to his old ways and the art appears quite coarse and ragged bringing out the imperfections of his character. It is certainly worth a read and I am intrigued as to how it will fit with the other X-books.



She-Hulk (2014-) 003-000She-Hulk #3 

I just adore Pulido’s art and the concept of this issue is just ridiculous. I am amazed that Soule pulls off excitement at having Shulkie rush to the law courts in order to submit an asylum plea for Doom’s son. It’s silly but captivating and actually works quite well for the theme of this book.



The Punisher (2014-) 004-000The Punisher #4

There were some great torture scenes in this issue and we finally see some character exposition on Frank. His memories provide some background and motivation for his vigilantism. We all know this history but this book has yet to provide it. The art is great and Gerads is producing some fine work, especially when it comes to weapons and superpowers.



Secret 007-000Secret #7 

I find this book strangely compelling because it has a no frills approach to ruthless crime warfare. The art is simple but effective in its ability to deliver tension and violence and a muted colour palette to keep the tone tight. It a Hickman work that is very far removed from his regular stuff and its refreshing.



Dead Letters 001-000Dead Letters #1

This comic has dark and gritty artwork for a dark and gritty mystery. A fantastic opener for a new creative team with plenty of surprises. The fact that the central character does not know who he is and is trying to piece together clues, makes him all the more easy to empathise with. I am looking forward to the next issue.



Black Science 005-000Black Science #5 

The parallel dimension jumping family drama takes an absolutely brilliant twist in this issue. The idea that different universes can have a universal constant is such a compelling idea. The art and colouring was just beautiful as it has been throughout.



pretty-deadly-05Pretty Deadly #5

Interestingly for all the slow burning mystery the book conveyed in the first three issues, the final couple rush the ending. I really like the story and adore the artwork but it could have been handled a little better. However there is still a lot of strong work at hand and I highly recommend this book in any case.

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