Cover of the Week 9/4 – Daredevil #1.5 by Paolo Rivera

Daredevil (2014-)1.50-000This is a breathtaking cover of Daredevil as it celebrates its fiftieth anniversary. Such an incredible achievement and imagine all the legendary creators that have contributed to this book, well you don’t have to because homage is paid to all of them. The central sleek posture man in red gives off ultrasonic waves only for them to bounce back off the memory reflections of buildings. Matt appears to be looking back over an immense crime-fighting career. To think that the new revision of the book changes so much in the way of friends and location, this cover takes us back to a well-established and tormented past. The graffiti-esque writing tags names to the artistry on the page, and the various incarnations of Murdock are everywhere. The diversions in style are appreciated too as we see no less than sixteen different Daredevils on the page. It is a feast for the dedicated reader and that has been me for the past fifteen years, as I rejoice in spotting the artists and writers I have enjoyed reading over that time. I must make note of the delicate colouring and shading because the central figure is a gorgeous bright red but his ghosts are all slightly faded. This is because they cannot take centrepiece and provide too much contrast to our hero. The page would be too cramped and messy and give no emphasis on a current man without fear. Even the Daredevil title is faded and also of a font from long ago. The whole page acts as a poster to reminisce upon. I implore you to spend some time seeking the people you loved most and the hero you loved to read.

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