Cover of the Week 16/4 – Winter Soldier 3 by Andrew Robinson


The recent covers of The Bitter March arc have been quite stylish and dynamic. Robinson has been portraying motion in quite interesting ways and this cover is no different because we have two directions to encompass on the page. Not only is the train moving forwards as depicted by the movement lines in the windows but the S.H.E.I.L.D. agent has been thrown backwards with the momentum of the punch. This is the more important feature of the book because it is taken from an interesting point of view. We are ground level looking up at our protagonist swing a huge hook, meaning the recipient flies almost above us. I find it quite amusing how his shadow is reduced to a pair of feet hanging awkwardly. The angle it is shot at is an interesting choice and the perspective works quite simply. The train has its chairs perfectly sized to portray depth and the title of the comic also helps with this effect. It is written on the roof of the train and enlarges as it comes towards the viewer. Just adjacent to this is the fantastically battered face of this agent, with blood arcing as it leaves his mouth. It is another subtle effect giving the impression of movement and violent intent. The overall page is interestingly coloured and I struggle to differentiate between it being a dimly lit carriage with red emergency lights, or just a cool effect. Nonetheless it is quite aesthetic and the shading on the flying victim’s face is adapted suitably. Ultimately the impact of the force used by Bucky is the essential ethos of the cover and the direction in which Robinson has used does little to impress his physical appearance but more the prowess of this strike. The Winter Soldier is certainly not to be trifled with.

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