The Theatre List 9/2 – All New does not alway been All Better

Not such a great week for the All New Marvel line as we saw some relaunches which did not hit the mark of previous weeks. All New Doop was not a bad book and I understand the angle, but the character is so different to Aaron’s that I found him a bit silly. Time will tell but for now I am not that keen. This is similar to Iron Fist with the additional facet that the art was very dark and murky towards the end. I enjoyed the earlier mountain scenes which were purposely retro in style, but the fight scene at night with heavy inking served only to muddy. Nightcrawler was a reasonable book to begin with but the second half was really rather average, as was the artwork. I was infuriated to see the Guardians once again feature in another book, this time it was Captain Marvel and I was quite uninterested. I understand they are likely to team in the future and that Danvers is residing in space but I do not advocate the movie promotions everywhere I read. The launch of Batman Eternal was solid and I have little complaints with the book itself. Green Lantern Corps and Wonder Woman Superman came and went with notice. A surprise to end with was that East of West did not make the list. This is because it was a set up book for the most featuring villains mainly and barely any of our favourite characters. I guess even the best books have to have a bad day.


DIG019305-2-138c2Batman Eternal #1

I quite enjoyed this little opener and I enjoyed how they continued with the Gordon bashing. I know it will work out in the end but it is well thought out and an emotional read. I still object to a weekly Bat title but I may just stop with the rest of them and continue with this if it keeps going at a good pace.



BG-Cv30-ds-b1c4cBatgirl #30

Marguerite Bennett is a great writer and I cannot think of anyone better to write Batgirl. Her personal and deep sense of retrospection is what I feel Simone has been writing with Barbara. The story was a straightforward one with a supernatural twist but the writing is good with solid artwork.


detailAll New Ghost Rider #2

Once again Tradd’s art carries this book as it develops its run of the mill vengeance trail. The colours are gorgeously bright in the dead of night and the action is so fluid. I would solely buy this book for the art. I await the plot and character exposition to progress in the meantime.



All-New X-Men 025-000All New X-Men #25

This was a wonderful 25th issue because it had Beast reflecting on his decisions to begin back the younger X-Men. There are some delightful pages of guest artists looking back and forward at the future consequences of his decision. I especially enjoyed Kitty and Peter’s comic strip panel and Wolverine and Jeanie growing old together



3748021-02Avengers Undercover #2

This issue was not as strong as the first but I did quite enjoy how the team interact in a nightclub environment. The art and colouring were good and it was quite amusing too. Once the plot made some headway the book continued to impress.



Daredevil (2014-)1.50-000Daredevil #1.5

Another celebratory issue and this time it is 50 years of Daredevil. The main story is reasonable but the additional stories are amazing. I loved the Bendis and Maleev, letter to my daughter in case of my death, story because it was particularly moving. There is no surprise if you consider the I find their run the greatest on DD. A spectacular assortment of treats.


Deadpool.27.Cover_Deadpool #27

This book is worth buying for the cover alone as it now holds the Guinness book of records title for most characters on a comic cover! The story is decent but there is one back up story that really resonates. Deadpool affords the opportunity for a dying girl to marry him, in order to commit suicide but blame it on Wade. This was a touching and heartfelt story coming completely by surprise.

Mighty Avengers (2013-) 009-000Mighty Avengers #9

I am quite enjoying the family history of Blue Marvel and this issue gives us the historical background and completes the plot. It is a simple tale told well and Land’s art is pretty solid, maybe because there aren’t many women to draw. Also the Ronin reveal did surprise me because I generally avoid spoilers anyhow!



Secret Avengers (2014-) 002-000Secret Avengers #2

Just brilliant. Ales Kot is the future, and I am going to keep on saying this until he is! Great second parter and completes the story nicely. I love how Fury and Coulson have a heart to heart whilst floating in space! Modok is being written well as he plays the reluctant hero and Walsh’s art is suitable dark.


manifestdestiny_6Manifest Destiny #6

Still a great book with a gruesome story and wonderfully disturbing art. The themes are still running strong but our characters are slowly fading with the threat. The rescue scene from the giant fly trap was just immense. Go read this book.



Shutter01_CoverAShutter #1

What a fantastic opener for a series. Joe Keatinge has been a favourite writer of mine since Glory and he brings an Indian Jones-esque story aboard with a female protagonist. It look brilliant and Del Duca does a fantastic job of drawing the weird and wonderful.



23972X #12

I have always quite enjoyed this book and find it relatively far removed from a Batman clone. This issue was surprisingly dark as the whole world is turned upside down for our hero. His one confidant is turned and he is captured and almost beaten to death. This is a set up for the next arc but its pretty upsetting because the art is very violent and well rendered.


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