Cover of the Week 23/4 – All New Invaders #4 by Mukesh Singh

All-New Invaders (2014-) 004-000

Mukesh Singh is a phenomenal artist, and was last featured on this blog with a cover to Incredible Hulk. He brings about a level of detail that does not complicate or convolute his art. The brushes seem to flow in unison providing this seamless flowing motions and this cannot be better demonstrated by the cover to this book. The original human torch, Jim Hammond is featured, on fire. It is difficult to draw flames well and relies on colouring and character movement for it to work. Mukesh Singh has taken these principles and developed a facial portrait with flames that sliver and flicker upon the skin. It is visually stunning as the small embers grow into larger flames as we follow the contours of his face. His face gives the appearance that it may be burning but looks more like the deep red of the origin of a fire. These details also form his facial features together with empathic shading to show depth. I honestly do not know how he has managed to provide such detail amongst a flurry of flames. The hair is a little easier to convert as it already flows and the additional flaming details produce natural extensions. This is similar to his glove as his finger provide the scaffolding for the fire to travel and leave his hand forming a ball of flames. There is a gorgeous flow to the whole page and with a little imagination you can see the flickers and heat emanate from the page. The torch’s face looks stern and full of conviction as a man fully in control of his powers. He almost appears aggressive while he issues a challenge for those that would dare come at him. Breathtaking work once again from Mukesh Singh.

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