The Theatre List 23/4 – Exactly what we have come to expect

I must admit that this previous week was strong with the quality on the shelves. Only a few books did not make the list which included Batman Superman, Batman Eternal, and Original Sin. Jae Lee is back on Batman Superman and his art is beautiful as always but the story and composition just did not work for me. Eternal was reasonable but more of a filler issue with some character exposition but not much story progression, however the art was lovely. This is to be expected and perfectly acceptable given the weekly format of the book. Original Sin was perfectly fine but I have so little interest in the Watcher that his back story was merely average. Also I am somewhat distracted by Fraction’s version of the character in FF who was much more engaging. It did progress the Nova storyline which is very much needed given the initial build. There are a few books such as Dead Body Road, Lazarus, Sheltered and Larfleeze that were by no means exceptional but solidly enjoyable throughout, I guess these are the books that make the #HoFSApproved list. Let us discuss the joys!


Red-Lanterns-030-(2014)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-001Red Lanterns #30

I shall re-iterate my comments from Aaron Meyers’ Honour Roll. I have quite enjoyed this series as a Lantern character project, and find that the supporting cast are some of the best lanterns out there full stop. Bleeze is an intriguing angry character and her Red Lantern explanation is very disturbing. This book sees Kara become her friend and bring some balance to her thoughts and I look forward to the blossoming of their friendship.



Larfleeze #10

The introduction of G’Nort to this title was a stroke of genius. His character is perfectly in keeping with the motley crew of crazy characters and his interactions with Larfleeze can only be hilarious. Still a well written, funny and entertaining read as always.



The Flash (2011-) 030-000

The Flash #30

This book was far from amazing but what it did, it did well. The art is suitably heroic and supersonic for Allen and the story is average with a great finale twist. There are numerous Allen poses as large iconic images and the scene with the work counsellor was very entertaining and well delivered. There is surprise guest that makes his debut, so to speak.



Uncanny Avengers 019-000

Uncanny Avengers #19

This book has developed it’s own feel and mood and I am quite enjoying it. The cast is interesting but a simple reversal of heroes and villains. The alternate world is excellently portrayed with a refreshing pro mutant vibe to it. This story has been developing from his Uncanny X-Force title and the long game is slowly paying off.



Elektra (2014-) 001-000

 Elektra #1

The basic premise is not new or original and plays the assassin trope card, however the art is simply gorgeous. Not only that but it is almost fantastical with its double page spreads and ethereal dreamlike sequences. There is a fair bit packed into this issue and even a twist to boot. Another great start to a solo hero book.



Guardians of the Galaxy v3 014-000

 Guardians of the Galaxy #14

To be honest I have been waiting for this issue since the very first couple of books because it finally features some family exposition on the Quills. This was the set up premise and it was never delivered upon earlier on. Bradshaw’s art is very suited to alien worlds and sci-fi stories and is good to see him deliver on this book.



Daredevil (2014-) 002-000

Daredevil #2

Though the Shroud does not appear to be much of a bad villain, Waid manages to portray him as one. This is the key to his writing because he can build a character very well. This book never fails to impress and the new status quo is coming alone nicely. A great start to a new villain arc.



Avengers Undercover 003-000

 Avengers Undercover #3

The Arcade vengeance story is a compelling one and it continues with fervour in this issue. The book succeeds on a continuity level as the young heroes have had their backgrounds explored and have undergone a terrible ordeal leaving them changed forever. Their future endeavours are shaped by Murder World and we see the lines blur between good and bad. Green II art fits with the theme of the book relatively well.



The Manhattan Projects 020-000

The Manhattan Projects #20

This issue is the aftermath of the second major arc of the book and features a resolution to the parallel universe Einstein story. It is once again, great to see a parallel universe markedly different to the one the book has been set, and how Einstein has survived since being clobbered around the head all those issues ago. Pitarra’s art is gorgeous as it has always been. Such a strong book.


Sheltered 008-000

Sheltered #8

This book has been plodding along moving from strength to strength as the survivalist theme continues. As the events start to finally heat up, we see true brainwashing at hand. The resolution to this story is not as simple as once thought. Great art and colouring by Christmas and Chankhamma.



Lazarus-008-(2014)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-001Lazarus #8

This book is always decent as Forever’s story is always an honest portrayal of a young trained killer. Her voice is the only true one in the book at times and the one character we look too amongst the bleak surrounds. Lark’s art is so suited and emotional.



Dead Body Road 005 (2014) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001Dead Body Road #5

Once again fantastic art, even though there are less car chase sequences this time. The story moves on well and the characters move to deeper immoral depths in desperate times. Excellent suspense and action.




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