Cover of the Week 30/4 – The Amazing Spider-Man #1 by Humberto Ramos

Amazing Spider-Man 001 (2014) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001

I honestly cannot work out if it is because we can see Parker’s face that it is unmistakable that this Spider-Man is Peter and not Ock, but you have to give credit to Ramos for producing a cover that instantly allows us to appreciate that the man is back. Ramos’ art is almost caricaturist is nature as he contorts and exaggerates the poses his characters adopt. I have always enjoyed this attribute because it fits the energetic and dynamic nature of these books, especially when trying to depict chase scenes mid swing. You only have to look at the new movie to see that his body is pushed to its limits when in full flow. It is probably no coincidence that the posture on this cover appears to have Parker jumping for joy, with hands in the air. The blue and reds of his uniform are back to being bright and vibrant, as well as being wonderfully shaded. It is probably his face that really brings out the joy of returning back to his own body. He is bright eyed and beaming with delight, which will allow the youngest reader to appreciate that Doctor Octopus has gone. As I mentioned above his unmasking is important to this cover because it reveals who he is, and Peter is clearly wanting the world to see that he is back, well figuratively not in actuality. It is also fantastic to see the words Amazing back on the front pages. Though I have no plans to be reading this title I do very much enjoy this cover.

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